The first set of Presentazioni are due on Monday, September 26th. The presentazione is essentially a research paper to be turned in that day, but you will also have the opportunity to share what you have learned with your classmates on Monday.


Choosing a topic

The first cultural unit, "I giovani italiani" is pretty vague, but does allow you quite a bit of leeway in your topic choice. Think about your own personal interests, what you have learned in and outside of class the past weeks about young people's lives in Italy. You might also want to think about a reading (lettura) that you found particularly intriguing, or a website that you came across that piqued your curiosity.


Writing the paper

The paper is in Italian and should be about a page and a half to two pages typewritten. If you would like to add graphics, notes, or web links, that certainly makes the paper more interesting. Be careful when you are using outside sources: the paper should be in your own words and any quotations should be noted as such. The paper will be graded partially on content and partially on accuracy of language.


Presenting the paper

You will have an opportunity to share what you have learned with your fellow students in small groups in class. Rather than reading directly from the paper, please make an effort to prepare yourself to give a simple verbal summary of the most interesting points in your research. You may also want to talk about why you chose this topic or where you found the information. Be ready to answer any questions you friends may have.


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