Worbook and Lab manual for Oggi in iTalia



Dear students of Elementary Italian,

On Wednesday, you will have your first workbook and lab assignment for the course. The first is very short and easy, but it is a good idea to get things done ahead and get used to the system as it will repeat for each chapter of Oggi in Italia.


First, do the workbook exercises for the appropriate chapter, in this case Lezione preliminare (not Lezione 1). You can use the book or other sources but please do the work on your own.


Then, do the exercises in the lab manual portion of the book for Lezione preliminare.


Once you are done, correct your work by going to the WEBCT course thrugh Agora. Please use another color ink or pencil for your corrections so that your instructor can see clearly where you had problems. The answer key will be made available about 1 1/2 to 2 days before the assignment is due. The answer key is for self-correction. Avoid copying directly, as you will learn less. If you have any problems completing sections, talk to your instructor about it rather than copying from the answer key.


For Wednesday's class, bring both sections in, pulled out of the book and stapled together, with the workbook section on top.


Thank you and enjoy your weekend,

the Department