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International work


Center for Human Rights and International Justice

Founded in 2004, The Center addresses the increasingly interdisciplinary needs of human rights work and humanitarian responses.

Impunity Watch

Impunity Watch promotes accountability for past atrocities in countries emerging from a violent past. We work together with national civil society groups to produce research-based policy advice, monitor levels of impunity and advocate for tailored policy solutions.

The Ignacio Martin-Baro Fund for Mental Health and Human Rights

The Martín-Baró Fund supports progressive, grassroots groups throughout the world who are challenging institutional repression and confronting the mental health consequences of violence and injustice in their communities.

Liberation Psychology and Social Change: An Introduction to Ignacio Martín-Baró and Challenges for 21st Century Practitioners, Presentation by M. Brinton Lykes, November 2013.