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Participatory Action Research (tools, websites, and links to journals)


The following are Participatory Action Research tools designed for courses I have taught in this area:

Guidelines for Oral History

Oral History Publications

Community Mapping / Information Gathering Exercise

Guidelines for Ethnographic Observation

Journal Entry Guidelines

Journal Entry Example

Research Autobiography

Creating a Genogram

The following is a guide to numerous web resources regarding PAR. The material is organized according to four main topic areas:
Ethical and Cultural Research Guidelines, Participatory Action Research (PAR), Oral History/Narrative/Life Story Resources, and Visual Texts.
Descriptions come from the websites themselves or are summarized and/or edited from sites listed within each section. (Updated October 2010)

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Ethical and Cultural Research Guidelines

1. APA Multicultural Guidelines

Participatory Action Research: A Partial Listing of WWW Sites

1. PARticipatory FEMinism (PARFEM)

This site was called "The PARticipatory FEMinism (PARFEM, or parfem in order to be accessible on all browsers with different platforms)" with the intention of making it a long-range site of PAR, emphasizing the practice and the philosophy of feminism as an integrated process. Though the site was originally envisioned for a Conference/Workshop organized by CPARN and FemPAR, the designers decided to capture the moment and extend the services to create an on-line participatory feminism experimental course, where learners contribute materials and ideas and carry on the dialogue. Part of the discussion on the parfem site focuses on generating and critiquing bibliography on the subject. The other part focuses on case studies and/or live events, such as presentations, discussions, creatively acted live case studies, etc.

Educational and Action Research Resources

1. District Team Problem Solving

2. Tostan Organization: Community Led Development

3. Highlander Research Org

4. Learning and Teaching for Transformation

5. Experiential Learning Critiques

6. John Hurst on Popular Education

7. Action Res in Education

8. CANTERA Nicaragua

9. North American Alliance of Popular and Adult Education, Canada

Oral History, Narrative, Life Story

1. UCLA Oral History

2. UCONN oral history

3. Canadian Oral History

Oral History Organizations

1. International Oral History Association

2. University of London Institute of Historical Research

3. British Library National Sound Archive Oral History Collection / National Life Story Collection

4. Department of Sound Records, Imperial War Museum, London

5. The Society of Archivists Film and Sound Group (UK)

6. South Wales Coalfield Collection/Miners Library, University of Wales Swansea

7. John F Kennedy Library Oral History Project

8. University of Alaska Fairbanks Oral History Program

9. University of New South Wales Oral History Program, Sydney, Australia

10. National Library of New Zealand Oral History Centre

11. National Archives of Singapore Oral History Centre

Selected journals in Participatory, Action and Feminist Research

1. SAGE Action Research Journal

2. AI Practitioner

3. Participatory Learning and Action

4. Feminism & Psych

5. Women’s Studies International Forum

6. Feminist Studies

7. International Journal of Qual. Studies in Education