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Consignment Info

In-Store Drop Off

We accept consigned merchandise Monday-Friday in our store

For the Busy Gal... Working Woman... or for the Estate... We offer a HOME SERVICE!!!

If you are moving, downsizing, or dealing with a loved one's belongings, we are available to work with you in sorting through your items. This exclusive service gives you mroe time and more moeny for yourself and your family.

Ellen's Experience in retail and fashion trends in the Greenwich market guarantees that you will get the most money for your resale merchandise.

By Appointment, Ellen will:

  1. meet you at your home
  2. appraise your merchandise right in your own closet
  3. remove items suitable for sale
  4. email account information for your files

All merchandise is accepted seasonally and only clothing and accessories in excellent condition can be sold at Consigned Designs by Ellen.

Our standards under which we accept clothing are:

  1. In season
  2. In current style
  3. Freshly laundered or dry cleaned
  4. On hangers
  5. Odor free (i.e. smoke, mothballs, etc)
  6. Wrinkle free
  7. Unspotted
  8. With buttons and zippers working propperly

We reserve the right to establish the selling price of your articles, to reduce the price at any time to facilitate sales and to run periodic sales.

After 60 days, any unsold merchandise becomes the property of Consigned Designs by Ellen. If you wish to pick-up any of your unsold items, you must do so before the 60th day. It is the consignor's responsibility to find the articles on the selling floor.

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