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In his research he employs advanced economic modeling tools such as CGE models and integrated modeling platforms, as well as intuitive and simple innovations such as the "debt burden index" (JPM, 2006).\ In July of 2012, Dr. Erbil joined the Department of Economics at Boston College as full-time faculty in a non-tenured position as Associate Professor of Economics. In May 2015, he has been promoted to Full Professor of the Practice of Economics.\ Between 2002 and 2012, Can Erbil worked as a full-time faculty at the International Business School, the Department of Economics and Heller School of Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University. He held the positions of Assistant Professor, Senior Scientist and Senior Lecturer. He is currently the Director of the Turkey Initiative at the International Business School at Brandeis University.\ Erbil taught courses in international trade and globalization (graduate level), development economics (graduate and undergraduate), econometrics (graduate and undergraduate - at Brandeis and Harvard University), microeconomics, macroeconomics, quantitative analysis (graduate level), economic modeling with general equilibrium: theory and practice (Ph.D. level), political economy (graduate level) and international monetary economics and finance (at Harvard University). Between 2009-2012, Prof. Erbil also held the title of Assistant Director of Center for German and European Studies (CGES) at Brandeis University.\ Can Erbil is currently the Director of Economic Modeling School and Research Fellow at EcoMod, Global Economic Modeling Network, where he is involved in research, teaching and consulting on economic modeling. He organizes and teaches workshops in countries like Singapore, Ecuador, Venezuela, Turkey, Bahrain and UAE. The workshops are attended by a wide range of individuals in the field, including employees of Central Banks, Finance Ministries, International Institutions, think tanks, NGOs, as well as private businesses.\ In April of 2012, Erbil also a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Social Sciences, Bahcesehir University, Istanbul, Turkey, where he also contributes to several programs, including the Bahcesehir-NYU Research Methods Center.\ Since February 2007, Dr. Erbil is a Research Associate at the Economic Research Forum for the Arab Countries, Iran and Turkey (ERF).\ Dr. Erbil has worked as a consultant at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. He worked on a project for the New Hampshire Tax Commission estimating the economic impacts of changes in income, sales and property taxes.\ On two different occasions, Erbil has worked at the International Trade Division of the World Bank, as a consultant and data manager. He has conducted intensive empirical research using international data sources, and delivered policy recommendations to client countries on issues such as trade policy, integration, market openness and export competitiveness. He continues consulting for the World Bank on several different projects related to international trade and health policies.\ \pard\pardeftab720\sl280 \cf0 \'a0\ \pard\pardeftab720 \f1 \cf0 \f0 \ \f1 \f0 \ \ \pard\pardeftab720\sa240 \cf0 profile\ \pard\pardeftab720 \cf0 \ \f1 \f0 \ \ \f1 \f0 \ \ \pard\pardeftab720\sa240 \cf0 Name: Can Erbil\ Hometown: Boston, MA, USA and Istanbul, Turkey\ \ \pard\tx220\tx720\pardeftab720\li720\fi-720\sl280\sa240 \ls2\ilvl0\cf0 {\listtext 1. } \f1 \f0 Over fifteen years of experience in international trade, policy modeling, economic development, forecasting and research with a special focus on Emerging Markets, Middle East and GCC Region. \uc0\u8232 \ \pard\pardeftab720\sa240 \cf0 \ \pard\tx220\tx720\pardeftab720\li720\fi-720\sl280\sa240 \ls3\ilvl0\cf0 {\listtext 1. } \f1 \f0 Publications on International Trade, Policy Modeling, Health Policy, Economic Development, Fiscal Policy and Tax Reforms. Recent research concentration on Trade Policy, Financial Regulation, Health Policy and Energy Policies. \uc0\u8232 \ \pard\pardeftab720\sa240 \cf0 \ \pard\tx220\tx720\pardeftab720\li720\fi-720\sl280\sa240 \ls4\ilvl0\cf0 {\listtext 1. } \f1 \f0 Executive teaching, immersion programs and consulting experience. \uc0\u8232 \ \pard\pardeftab720\sa240 \cf0 \ \pard\tx220\tx720\pardeftab720\li720\fi-720\sl280\sa240 \ls5\ilvl0\cf0 {\listtext 1. } \f1 \f0 World Bank experience.\uc0\u8232 \ \pard\pardeftab720\sa240 \cf0 \ \pard\tx220\tx720\pardeftab720\li720\fi-720\sl280\sa240 \ls6\ilvl0\cf0 {\listtext 1. } \f1 \f0 Federal Reserve Bank experience.\uc0\u8232 \ \pard\pardeftab720\sa240 \cf0 \ \pard\tx220\tx720\pardeftab720\li720\fi-720\sl280\sa240 \ls7\ilvl0\cf0 {\listtext 1. } \f1 \f0 Ph.D. in Economics \uc0\u8232 \ \pard\pardeftab720\sa240 \cf0 \ \pard\pardeftab720 \f1 \cf0 \f0 \ \ \pard\pardeftab720\sa240 \cf0 occupation\ \pard\pardeftab720 \cf0 \ \f1 \f0 \ \ \f1 \f0 \ \ \pard\pardeftab720\sa240 \cf0 Industry: Economics - Education and Research\ Occupation: Adjunct Associate Professor (Boston College), Director of Economic Modeling School and Research Fellow (EcoMod)\ Department: Department of Economics\ School: Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA\ \ \pard\pardeftab720 \f1 \cf0 \f0 \ \ \pard\pardeftab720\sa240 \cf0 contact\ \pard\pardeftab720 \cf0 \ \f1 \f0 \ \ \f1 \f0 \ \ \pard\pardeftab720\sa240 {\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK "mailto:can.erbil@bc.edu"}}{\fldrslt \cf2 \ul \ulc2 can.erbil@bc.edu}},\ \pard\pardeftab720\sa240 {\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK "mailto:cerbil@brandeis.edu"}}{\fldrslt \cf2 \ul \ulc2 cerbil@brandeis.edu}} or \ \pard\pardeftab720\sa240 {\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK "mailto:can.erbil@ecomod.net"}}{\fldrslt \cf2 \ul \ulc2 can.erbil@ecomod.net}}\ \ \ \pard\pardeftab720 \cf0 \'a0\ \f1 \f0 \ \f1 \f0 \ \pard\pardeftab720\sa240 \cf0 Bio\ \pard\pardeftab720 \f1 \cf0 \f0 \ \f1 \f0 \ \ \pard\pardeftab720\sl2920 \cf0 \'a0\ \pard\pardeftab720 \cf0 \'a0\ \f1 \f0 \ \f1 \f0 \ \f1 \f0 \ }