Cecilia Laura Borgna


Research Interest:

Ethics in Organizations, with attention both to an ecumenical and not confessional approach.

Focus on the ethical dimension of the use of power, with attention to gender implications.

Bioethics: AIDS, psychoactive drugs.

Current Professional Positions:

Assistant in Moral Theology (Cultrice della materia), Catholic University, Milan IT;

Teacher in Catholic Religion, High Schools, Milan IT.

Academic Education:

Preparing Doctoral Dissertation with Professor Andrea Vicini S.I., Pontificia Facoltà Teologica dell'Italia Meridionale – Sezione "San Luigi", Naples – IT;

Admitted to PhD program in Theological Ethics with University Fellowship, Boston College, Boston MA – USA (2003);

Executive Development Course: Managing Ethics in Organizations, Ethics Officer Association & Bentley College’s Center for Business Ethics, Waltham MA – USA (2003);

Licentiate in Moral Theology (Summa cum Laude), Pontificia Universitas Gregoriana, Rome IT (2003);

Bachelor of in Theology (Summa cum Laude), Pontificia Universitas Gregoriana, Rome – IT (2001);

Bachelor of Economics and Enterprises Management, Universitas Studiorum Utinensis, Udine IT (1997).

Recent Articles:

"Il potere e «la questione morale»," Rivista di Teologia Morale (RTM) 149 (2006) 75-87.

"The AIDS Challenge in Italy. Authentic Sexual Freedom and Justice," The Heythrop Journal: accepted, forthcoming [http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.

"Psicofarmaci: tra ausilio medico e doping esistenziale," Rivista di Teologia Morale 270 (2011) 251-259.

Recent Translations:

Spanish-Italian: “La Questione Sociale appartiene alla Teologia e alla Teologia Morale”
di M. Vidal, Rivista di Teologia Morale: forthcoming.
English-Italian: “Giustizia Globale e Giustizia Locale” di M. Walzer, Vita e Pensiero: forthcoming.


Presenter at the "Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church", Padua, 8-11 July 2006.

Chair at "The Good Company. Catholic Social Thought and Corporate Social Responsibility in Dialogue",  Rome, 5-7 October 2006.

Presenter at the "Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church", Trento, 24-27 July 2010.


Moral Theology Course, Institute of Religious Sciences, Parma – IT (2006-2009);

Ethics in Europrojecting, Master in Business Development: Euro-projecting – Telematic University of Human Sciences (UNISU), with Consorzio Universitario per l’Ateneo della Sicilia Occidentale ed il Bacino del Mediterraneo (UNISOM) and Institute for Political Formation "P. Arrupe", Palermo – IT (2008);

Ethics in Business, Master for Ethics Officers – Assoetica, Milano IT (2004.2006);

Ethics in Business, Institute of Religious Sciences – Catholic Seminary, Novara IT (2005.2007);

Catholic Religion, High Schools, Archdioceses of Milan IT (2004-present).


Member of the Italian Theological Association (ATI);

Member of the Italian Theological Association for Moral Studies (ATISM).

Email Address: