Chloë Trester Carrano


Chloë Trester Carrano was born on April 11, 2010 at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, MA. At birth she weighed 7 pounds 9.5 ounces and was 21 inches tall.
38 weeks 5 days First introductions! A new family Resting after the delivery First bath
Not sure about shampoo In the bassinet Closeup Little bundle Mom feeding baby
Ready for the ride home In the car seat One for the road Love bug outfit Am I cute or what?
Introduction to the garden A flower for Chloe Bird and bassinet Relaxing at home My bear suit
First stroller ride Dad's turn to push Back at the house Magnolias in bloom Crown of tulips
More flowers Victorian home in the neighborhood Mom, baby, and fountain A peaceful nap Daddy does what?
Everyone's tired Cutler Park Lakeside bench I'm still sleeping? Nice family photo op.
Crystal Lake Aqueduct My little lamb Pink! Office party
Peanut Basket of Chloe Zeiseh Punim A little worried Happy Mother's Day!
Bundle of Chloe Baby and bears Daddy loves you Family! More family!
Ruffles Born 2 Rock Duet Eyeing the irises Baby bunny
Mobile Boppy This is my squeaky My little ducky shirt Victorian cutie
Chloe sees a flower Father's Day I Father's Day II A good read Take daughter to work day?
A shoulder to lean on Pleased to meet you! Flower girl Curious Toys in the sky
Tummy time with Daddy Pink dress At Stan's house 'Diner' theater Dreamy
A peaceful nap II Chloe and Emily The two body problem Study in pink! Butterfly
What are you? Who's the fairest? Piggyback Pat the Bunny How cute am I?
Epiphany? I love Daddy I'm a friendly sort Puppies! At the playground
Our little kangaroo Other neighborhood babies New swimsuit On the beach At Crystal Lake
In the water Still in the water Too much water Towel time Relaxing at home
Coffee break Smiles all around Fun with Nana Mom and daughter 'Chewing thum'
Luv my shoes Luvin' those shoes! Purple tie-dye Tinkering and monkeying Workin' out
Hoodie Clownin' around Mom made us pizza! Sigh... Monet moment
Mom makes me wear this Grin and bear it Floating in flowers Little Sweetie! Proof reading
Giggles! Changing leaves Ooh! Feetsies Buttons and bows
Grandma and Grandpa Lovies! Things are looking up At the concert A good time was had...
but now I'm tired Awake! Asleep!! Everything's pink Pumpkin!
Sunshine A lovely day At Steppingstone Park In the daisies Two dads and a baby
Look what I see... duckies! Dad and daughter Fun!! Afternoon stroll
Bundles Playtime Snug as a bug Giraffes A Tale of Two Pineapples
On the go Ruffles! Hey there! Sweet potato A Tail of Two Bunnies
Why hello there! A unicorn for Halloween Halloween at the Carranos This bookshelf is mine! Fun with the "Family Cube"
Awww... A tip o' the hat Pretty fall leaves Mom with her strawberry First balloon
Wanna know a secret? Playful Snowsuit Me, Mom & snowsuit Walkin' down the concert hall
New coat's comfy Come read with me! Baby's first Thanksgiving I Baby's first Thanksgiving II A playful pilgrim
Trio Nose to nose Soooo tired Baby's first Hanukkah I Baby's first Hanukkah II
My Cindy Lou Who impression Heh! Hah!! With Grandma and Grandpa Hi Grandpa!
Sweetness A princess on her throne Up! Down! Kissies
Backyard visitors Shall we dance? First snow Pink boots! Baby's first Christmas I
Baby's first Christmas II My name in blocks Christine's hat! My new teddy bear Chloe shirt
A present for me? Nana and Frana Wheee!! You're the greatest! Fun with Dad
Horsey ride! What's cookin'? My friend Violet Cuddles all around Sleepy grin
New Year's Eve with Chloe and Squiddy New Year's family portrait Let me at those blocks! Nighty-night I see you!
Lil' red wagon Collect call? Wrong number Chapeau Giddyap Bumblebee!
Rythmic gymnastics Won't you be mine? Sweetums Sweetums close up Vechhia Roma
Clownin' around Grandma and Grandpa! Jester Trester? Purple-parka pink-peds Cutissimo
Look what I have! Brunch in Cambridge At the Harvard Museum Flower Show With the Flower Girl
In the pink Supergirl! Lunch at the Flower Show Anthony's for dinner By the sea
I'm so comfy here Mom and Daughter Happy Birthday!!! My party dress Oh my gosh, presents!
Wanna play? Crowning her highness! Princess and the pony What a party!!! Life of the party
There's no more cake?!! Why hi there Thanks for coming A flower for Chloe ... one year later Delighted, I'm sure
Squeeze... ...Squoze! Passover I Passover II Passover III
A pink leopard Come see my Xylophone! Mother's Day at the Arboretum Lilac Sunday Lilacs everywhere
Dad, Daughter and lilacs Mom, Daughter and lilacs Wanna eat a lilac? Lilacs all around A beautiful day!
Check out my new stroller Luv' my owl dress! Tired trio Hippity-hoppity Fields of dreams
Little scholar My other owl dress! A-door-able Sittin' pretty Playing in the backyard
Study in purple Purple ruffles For you!
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