Current Curriculum Vita

Most Recent Books

Greed to GreenGreed to Green: Solving Climate Change and Remaking the Economy
Paradigm Publishers: 2010

"There's no way to solve climate change without also shifting, in profound ways, our idea of what constitutes success and growth and progress. This is the right book at the right - and crucial - moment." —Bill McKibben, author of The End of Nature

The Wilding of AmericaThe Wilding of America: Money, Mayhem, and the New American Dream
Worth Publishers: 2010 (5th ed.)

"A truly profound critique of American society today. Its descriptions of our culture are vivid, accurate, and disturbing. Its analysis, as well as its suggestions for alternative ways of being, deserve the attention of the nation." —Howard Zinn, author of A People's History of the United States

Morality WarsMorality Wars: How Empires, the Born-Again, and the Politically Correct
Do Evil in the Name of Good

Paradigm Publishers: 2010

"This incisive critical analysis of Western imperial history, and the "immoral morality" contrived to justify its exploits, captures essential features of the great hegemonic powers from Rome to modern America, with many surprising revelations and insights, conveying lessons that we overlook at our peril. Once I began reading, I found this book hard to put down." —Noam Chomsky

The New Feminized MajorityThe New Feminized Majority: How Democrats Can Change America with Women's Values
Paradigm Publishers: 2008

"The New Feminized Majority has breathtaking implications for understanding short and long-term changes in American society, politics, and culture. The authors are careful researchers, a talented writing team, and outstanding social commentators." —Judith Blau, UNC-Chapel Hill and President of Sociologists without Borders

Hidden PowerHidden Power: What You Need to Know to Save Our Democracy
Berrett-Koehler Publishers: 2005

"If you're feeling assaulted on all fronts—by militarism, outsourcing, the Patriot Act of the culture wars—here's a book that puts it all together brilliantly. Derber's analyses of the turn towards fascism, the post-2004 morals debate, and what the Democratic Party needs to do are eye-opening and powerful." —Juliet Schor, author of Born to Buy and The Overworked American

Regime Change Begins at HomeRegime Change Begins at Home: Freeing America from Corporate Rule
San Francisco: Berret-Koehler Publishers; June 2004

"Charles Derber is one of our most astute and eloquent social critics, and in this book he gives us a powerful argument for bringing the Bush regime to an end. His political analysis is persuasive, and is enlivened by graceful prose, all aimed with perfect timing at the upcoming presidential election." —Howard Zinn

People Before ProfitPeople Before Profit: The New Globalization in an Age of Terror, Big Money, and Economic Crisis
New York: St. Martin's Press, 2002

"Professor Derber's impressive analysis is an important contribution to the ongoing worldwide debate about globalization and its effects." —Senator Edward M. Kennedy

Corporation NationCorporation Nation : How Corporations Are Taking Over Our Lives And What We Can Do About It
New York: St. Martin's Press, 2000 (softcover ed.)

"Sophisticated, vividly written, and convincing . . . A work of generous imagination that looks wisely to the future and lays out a sober plan of action for Americans committed to a truly just and equitable social order." —Jonathan Kozol, author of Amazing Grace and Savage Inequalities