Maroon 5 is a US band based in Los Angeles. Their sound is pop/rock with a hint of R&B. The band's front man, Adam Levine is the most recognized member of the group and can also be found as a coach on NBC's The Voice.

The band has been commercially successful since the release of their first album, Songs About Jane, which got off to a slow start but ended up selling over 5 million copies in the US, according to Billboard. It remains my personal favorite, probably because at the time it came out it was a different sound. In fact, according to Billboard, all of their studio albums (listed below) have sold over one million copies.

For more information about the band and their touring schedule, please refer to the Maroon 5 Website.

Current Band Members1

Discography - Studio Albums2

  1. Songs About Jane, May 2002
  2. It Won't Be Soon Before Long, May 2007
  3. Hands All Over, May 2011
  4. Overexposed, July 2012
  5. V, August 2014


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