Christine Hoage

Personal Statement
ADIT 1340.01

Out of College and Move to London

My first job out of college was as an auditor on Wall Street, with a move a few years later to a large international bank. That move allowed me to relocate to the bank’s London office for 9 years. In London, I was trained as a lending officer and specialized in large aircraft financings both there and upon my transfer back to New York City in 1995. Living in London shaped my future in many ways, both in my career, but also on a personal level. It allowed me the opportunity to travel and to interact with many types of people which gave me insight into many other cultures.

Quit the Bank and Attend Cooking School

In 1998, after 17 years of a grueling work and travel schedule and work that was not particularly fulfilling, I resigned from the bank. I enrolled in cooking school and moved to Boston. This was about the time which personal computers were becoming more popular and the internet trading boom was in full swing. Since my first job on Wall St., I had remained active in the stock market so for a couple of years, I happily cooked part-time and traded stocks. Then the bubble burst and I realized I had to get a “real” job again.

Back to the 9-5

The timing was good because the TIMSS & PIRLS International Study Center at Boston College was looking for a Finance Manager. The 9-5 aspect of the job was appealing but the real draw for me was the international nature of the work, so I accepted the job. A regular work schedule and no business travel has left me plenty of time to pursue other interests such as gardening and cooking. I also am an active volunteer at the Animal Rescue League and Heifer International.

Planning for the Future

Our Center is currently moving away from printing the results of the study to reporting them on the web. Although I do not have any IT or web development experience, I have been assisting to convert print documents to web-friendly versions and found that I really enjoy it. During my career, my focus has always been on large structured projects. I have the ability to not only see the big picture but also the minutiae. That is probably why coding and website development interests me. There is an underlying structure but also the ability to be as creative and as complicated as you like. My goals for the class are simple: to learn how to code so I can make a website. If I enjoy it, I will consider taking more classes with an aim to developing skills I can use when I retire from BC in a few years.