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Mathematics Links

The following page provides breif descpritions of and links to mathematics education websites. All of these sites are valuable resources for students, parents, and teachers. I encourage you to explore their content, and please contact me if you have any questions about thier use.

Explore Learning

Explore Learning provides students and teachers with interactive "gizmos" that allow them to easily and visually understand mathematics content. A teacher or school subscription is required; however, the site does provide a 30-day free trial.

Click here for a detailed evaluation of EXPLORE LEARNING

Ask Dr. Math

Ask Dr. Math provides a question and answer service for theachers and their students. Individuals submit mathematical questions to the website by filling out an online form, and then the teachers at Dr. Math get will respond!

MCAS Question Search

THE MA Department of Education provides this search engine free to those studying for the MCAS. This lets both students and teachers review thousands of past MCAS test questions. Searches can be narrowed down by grade level, curriculum framework, type of question, or year the question appeared on the MCAS. This is an excellent resource for anyone studying for the MCAS or teaching and MCAS Preparation course.