Basic Islamic Stuff

·        Naseeb (Muslim social networking site)

·        Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood (Wonderful Muslim woman scholar)

·        SoundVision (Has some good articles and is also a great shopping site)

·        USC-MSA Compendium of Muslim Texts (Good reference site, especially for Qur’an and hadith, although it does express many conservative views, with which I vehemently disagree)

·        Islam Awakened Qur’an Pages (Here, you can look at single Qur’anic verses in several different translations at once)

GLBT Muslims

·        Al-Fatiha Foundation
·        Salaam Canada              
·        Imaan              
·        Huriyah (online magazine)            
·        Queer Jihad

Yahoo! Groups

·        Queer Jihad    
·        Muslim Gay Men          
·        Transgendered Muslims              
·        GLBTQ Sufis  
·        Al-Fatiha (Boston)         
·        Al-Fatiha News               
·        LGBTQ Muslim Youth  
·        LGBTQ Muslim Converts

Moderate, feminist, and progressive Muslims

·        Progressive Muslim Union of North America   

·        Muslim Wakeup (Click here for their discussion board)

·        Progressive Islam           

·        Liberal movements within Islam (Wikipedia article—very informative!)  

·        Muslims for Progressive Values

·        Muslim Canadian Congress       

·        Canadian Muslim Union 


·        Khaled Abou El Fadl

·        Leila Ahmed

·        Kecia Ali

·        Reza Aslan

·        Irshad Manji (NOTE: Much of her work is controversial even among feminist and progressive Muslims, and I myself disagree with a lot of what she says.  Still, I felt the need to list her here because she is important and I do think she makes some good points on certain things.)

·        Fatima Mernissi

·        Asra Nomani

·        Amina Wadud

Yahoo! Groups

·         Progressive Muslim Union of North America      
·        Muslims for Progressive Values
·        Canadian Muslim Union