These are just a few tidbits from my life at Ole Miss. Hope you enjoy.

Articles Referencing Me
Freshman establishes UM Amnesty International branch
Activist relates tribulations
ASB Cabinet works on minority affairs
Students 'come out' against tradition
Allies promotes coming out week

My Letters to the Editor
Letter: Organization combats police brutality
Society needs to banish "F" word
Peace still an option
Americans can oppose war while still supporting troops
DM cartoon offensive toward gay men
Editorial on new high school erroneous
Abilities can only translate into accomplishment with nourishment
Attack on Christianity a fraud

My Opinion Columns (Responses to mine in italics)
Arrest proof of AFA hypocrisy
Together we can end rape
Issue of rape can't be over-simplified
Human nature makes rape an unstoppable crime

Open doors for sexuality, too
**Homosexuals shouldn't force us to accept their lifestyle
**Innman cartoon on homosexuality was 'disturbing' (Not in response to mine, but related)
**Columns defending homosexuality aren't necessary
**'Rebel Bruiser' the progressive choice
**The world has no room for hate
Cowards and criticism don't mix
Victimless sex a private matter
**Column on victimless sex went against Christian values
**Column on victimless sex full of twisted logic
**No one should have to conform to others' 'ideal'
Campus groups demand more committed students
Extend marriage rights to all
**Same-sex unions don't fit true definition of marriage
Soap operas a window to culture
'Nanny state' restricts medicine
**FDA restricts medicine because of past tragedies
'Group studies' majors really aren't a waste of time
Monologues give vaginas teeth
Bush marriage views alienate gay Repubs.
U.S. should follow Spain's lead
**Spain gave up on fight against terror
**Columnists' support of Spain a typical liberal stance
**Spain should follow the U.S., not the other way around
**President Bush, Americans won't appease terrorists
Clarke's actions deserve praise
Cracking graduate school codes
Gays must empower themselves
Atrocities of war should no longer be surprising
Identity goes with integrity