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BC Summer Experience for high school students - An Excursion into Advanced Mathematics

  • Overview: This is a six-week summer math course which is part of the BC Summer Experience Program for high school students. In this class, we will discuss several areas of advanced mathematics that are usually taught at the college level for math majors. The topics will include topology, transformation geometry, computational geometry, chaos and coding. By learning these exciting developments in modern math, and working closely with the professor and math graduate students through lab work and projects, we expect that the participants can improve their mathematical writing and understanding while further developing their critical thinking and problem solving skills.

  • Structure of the course: The classes meet on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 to 11am. This will include regular lectures, discovery-type activities, discussion sections, Lab work and interesting short mathematical talks. Outside the classroom, the students will work closely with our graduate students on the homework assignments and also on projects that focuses on mathematical areas that are of interest to the participants.

  • Outcomes from this program:

    • Students can earn college credits by learning advanced mathematics that is usually taught at the college level for math majors.

    • By working closely with me and our math graduate students, participants can develop better mathematical writing skills and problem solving techniques. Most importantly, this program provides the environment and supports enabling students to develop advanced quantitative reasoning skills.

    • Under the supervision of the graduate students, the participants will work on specific projects to demonstrate their ability at acquiring new information and skills. Previous projects include topics from both pure and applied mathematics such as: Number Theory Problems, Maximal Likelihood method in Statistics, Use of Linear Programing to solve a business management problem, etc.

  • The role of our graduate students: Our math graduate students will meet with the students in small groups two hours per week during the discussion section and lab meeting. Then they will meet with the students individually to help them with homework problems, correct their mathematical writing, and guide them through their projects.

  • Click here for more information and the application.

Exemplary Mathematics Educators for High-Need Schools Project

Boston College (Lynch School of Education and the Math department), in partnership with Math for America-Boston and Education Development Center, under the support of the National Science Foundation, offers two fellowship programs to address the needs of highly qualified mathematics teachers in high needs school districts.

  • BC-MfA-Boston Noyce Teaching Fellowship: In this program, highly select groups of teaching fellows will participate in a five-year integrated program of study for a Master of Science in Teaching degree (one year) at Boston College and systematic professional development (four years) during their formative years as new teachers, with a curriculum that seamlessly interweaves content, pedagogical content knowledge, and pedagogy.

  • BC-MfA-Boston Noyce Master Teacher Fellowship: This project recruits and supports outstanding practicing teachers in mathematics from high-­need school districts who have exhibited excellent skills and knowledge and the capability for developing and sustaining classrooms that illustrate the Common Core State Standards practice standards to become highly qualified instructional leaders and mentors.