Equity Issuances and Agency Costs: The Telling Story of Shareholder Approval around the World

Blockholders: A Survey of Theory and Evidence

Shareholder Nonparticipation in Valuable Rights Offerings

Problems Using Aggregate Data to Infer Individual Behavior

Law and Ownership Reexamined

Culture and Ownership Concentration

Hierarchies and the Survival of POWs during WWII

Blockholders Are More Common in the United States than You Might Think

The Myth of Diffuse Ownership in the United States

Dividends and Corporate Shareholders

Private Placements and Managerial Entrenchment

A Survey of Blockholders and Corporate Control

Joint Ownership and Alienability

The Rise in Managerial Stock Ownership

Constraints on Large-Block Shareholders

Were the Good Old Days that Good?


Concentrated Ownership and Discounts on Closed-End Funds

Private Benefits from Block Ownership and Discounts on Closed-End Funds

The Law and Large Block Trades

Control of Corporations By Active Block Investors

Monitoring an Owner

Negotiated Block Trades and Corporate Control

Liability Insurers as Corporate Monitors

Private Benefits from Control of Public Corporations

The Assignment of Rights, Entry Effects, and the Allocation of Resources

The Role of Majority Shareholders in Publicly Held Corporations

Analysis of Alternative Standing Doctrines

Raiders or Saviors?

A Legal Foundation for Exchange

Why Corporate Raiders are Good News for Stockholders

Economic Analysis of the United Nations Code of Conduct for Liner Conferences

Working Papers

On The Conceptual Inadequacy Of The Original Cost Regulatory System

The Logic of the First Amendment




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