Crystal Tiala
Associate Professor of Design
Theater Department,  Boston College

King Stag - Model Photos:
King Stag image 1
Opening Scene:
Basic street environment.
Note:  The off-white sheer fabric will be used by the lighting designer to add color, texture and mood into the scenes.
King Stag second image

Outside Chamber.  Arches have flown in upstage.

King Stage image 3
Inner Chamber:
Actors have raised gold fabric into a tent'-like shape.  The pillows and bust will be brought on by actors.

King Stag image 1

Act II:  Scene 1
Back outside chamber.  Arches have flown and  fabric has been brought back to a vertical position.

King Stag image 5

Into the Forest. gold fabric and sheer side panels have been flown out and replaced by the forest silhouette.  

King Stage image 3 King Stage image 3
Back into the chamber.  The forest silhouette is flown out an the arches, sheer panels and gold fabric are brought back in.  
(An option would be to not bring the gold fabric back to add diversity to the final scenes.)
Pilllows can be brought back in as needed.  

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