MB 05201 Spring 1994


Optional Report Assignment

Case: Dashman Company (in the supplementary packet)

Due: In class, April 14, 1994

Length: Approximately 3 typewritten pages (if 10 pt, double spaced)



Please write a report in which you make explicit reference to and use of concepts and theories from the course to explain what problem or problems you find in the situation described in the case, and why the problem(s) exist. In writing your analysis, please use concepts and frameworks from the following areas of the course: communication (including perception, if you like), motivation, and systemic analysis. You need not apply all the ideas and theories from each of these areas, but should select cpncepts to apply that you find useful in supporting your explanation. In addition to using selected concepts explicitly and in detail, use facts from the case to back up your analysis.

If your grade on this report is higher than your midterm exam grade, the two will be averaged together (equally weighted). If your report grade is equal to or lower than your midterm exam grade, it will not be counted. If you choose not to do this optional report, that decision will not count against you in any way. However, if your exam grade was 70 or lower, it is probably unwise to pass up this opportunity to increase it.