MATH 4455 Mathematical Problem Solving for Secondary Teachers

Spring 2017      Gasson 209

 Prof. Dan Chambers

The primary goal of the course is to give you a deeper understanding of various topics in secondary mathematics, using problem solving and generalization as the tools. These topics include algebra, trigonometry, analytic geometry, probability, enumeration, functions, and one-variable calculus. The focus is on acquiring depth of knowledge by working through challenging (but fun) problems which, in almost every case, do not require mathematical ideas beyond the topics listed above.

Academic integrity is taken seriously and University procedures will be followed for any cases of cheating. See here for a description of these procedures.

Office Hours: (543 Maloney, 2-3769) Mondays 10-11, Wednesday 2-3, Fridays 12-1, or by appointment.

There is no textbook for this course. Notes should be taken in class and class notes will be distributed through this website.

Here's a copy of the syllabus.

Graph Paper in case you need it.

Topics, class notes, and homework assignments:

1: Dating Games  Class Notes   HW1  (due Wednesday, February 1) solns

2: Reflecting on One's Problems  Class Notes  HW2  (due Wednesday, February 8) solns

3: Stand Up Conics  Class Notes  HW3 (due Monday, February 20)   solns

4: A Thousand Points of Light  Class Notes  HW4  (due Wednesday, March 1) solns

5: Tri, Tri Again   Class notes  HW5 (due Wednesday, March 15) solns

6: Thinking Globally  Class Notes  HW6 (due Wednesday, March 22) solns

7: The Middle Class  Class Notes  HW7 (due Monday, April 3) solns   midterm solutions

8: Snoitcnuf  Class Notes  HW8 (due Wednesday, April 12) solns

9: You Say You Want a Revolution  Class Notes  HW9 (due Monday, May 1) solns

10: Worth the Weight  Class Notes

11: Evens, Odds and Ends  Class Notes