MATH 2202
Multivariable Calculus, Spring 2016

MWF10/MWF11 295S Stokes

Prof. Dan Chambers   
  543 Maloney Hal

Office Hours: M 1-2, W 2-3, F 12-1 or by appointment


Multivariable calculus has a rich history, interesting mathematics, and many applications. In this class we will explore all of these. Topics include vectors and vector valued functions, functions of several variables, multiple integrals, and vector calculus.

The text we'll use is Multivariable Calculus, 4th edition, Cengage; ISBN: 9780495780564, by James Stewart. We'll cover most of chapters 9-12 and half of chapter 13. Here is the syllabus.

Note the exam dates below are tentative, subject to perturbation. This is a work in progress; check back later.

Jan. 18-22

9.1 R^3, points, distances
9.2 vectors in R^2, R^3
Jan. 25-29
9.2/9.3 more vectors, dot product

9.3/9.4 dot product, cross product HW 1 due; solns
9.4/9.5 cross product, planes
Feb. 1-5
9.5 planes

9.5 lines  HW 2 due; solns
9.6 functions and surfaces
Feb. 8-12
9.7 cylindrical coordinates

9.7 spherical coordinates, 10.1 begun HW3 due; solns
midterm 1 solns A  solns B
Feb. 15-19
10.1/10.2 space curves, vector functions, calculus with them

10.2 ct'd
10.3 arc length
Feb. 22-26
10.4 velocity, acceleration

HW4 due; solns 11.1 functions of several variables
11.2 limits and continuity
Feb. 29-Mar. 4
11.3 partial derivatives

11.3/11.4 partial derivatives, tangent planes HW5 due; solns
11.4/11.5 linearization, chain rule
Mar. 7-11
spring break

spring break
spring break
Mar. 14-18
11.5 chain rule

11.6 gradient, HW6 due; solns
midterm 2; solns
Mar. 21-25
11.6/11.7 gradient concluded, max/min begun

11.7 max/min concluded
Easter break
Mar. 28-Apr. 1
Easter break

11.8 Lagrange multipliers
12.1/12.2 double integrals over rectangles HW7 due; solns
Apr. 4-8
12.2/12.3 double integrals over general regions

12.3/12.4 double integrals in polar coordinates
12.4 polar continued,  HW8 due; solns
Apr. 11-15
12.5 applications of double integrals to probability
12.7 triple integrals HW9 due; solns
midterm 3; solns
Apr. 18-22
Patriots Day

12.9 change of variables
13.1 vector fields
Apr. 25-29
13.2 line integrals

13.3 fundamental theorem HW10 due; solns
May 2-6
no class
13.4 HW11 solns