Hi !!!! Thanks for stopping by my web site......not much here yet as I am just getting started.

I work here at Boston College in the Audiovisual Department as Assistant Director of Cable Television Services.

If you're one of the many people who live and die by what's on the BC Film Channel,
be sure to check out the daily programming website that will show you what's on the Film Channel (Ch. 48) as well as the other BC Channels.

Also, if you utilize the BC Text Channel often, you may find it more convenient to submit your text channel request via our online request center. Just call the Cable TV Department for a user code and you'll be on your way !!!

For a complete description of what Cable Television Services offers the BC community, be sure to check out Cable Television's website.

If you would like to e-mail me, please do so at

With all that useful stuff out of the way, let's get to some non-useful stuff.....
like some cool web sites.

If you're a movie fanatic, check out the All-Movie Guide, which lists just about every movie ever made, complete with cast lists and tons of info on the movie. Great site for those movie trivia questions !!

Are you a Howard Stern fan? I know its not cool to publicly admit it, but I am a huge Stern fan and have found a great website that covers what he does on a daily basis. Check out KOAM.com for all the Howard news you can use !!

If you like to request movies for BC Cable to show on the Film Channel, you might want to check out Swank Motion Pictures, Inc.'s website. They are the company that we receive our movies for the Film Channel from, so if you want to see what's available to us, check out their Comprehensive Movie Index.

Like music??? Here are some cool local radio stations websites that have some great info on concerts, tickets, CD's, etc.

For you older music fans who remember when music wasn't sampled or created by a computer, check out this oldie-but-a-goodie's website for current news and concert info:
Joe Jackson

How about sports? Here are some great sports websites including a couple great fantasy football sites....if that's what you're into. (I am...another not cool thing to admit publicly).


I think every sports fan knows this site....and for good reason. Still one of the best for sports info....

Here's another great site for football stats and game summaries...

Here are some great fantasy football sites and they even have a lot of off-season info for those that can't wait until September !!


That's it for now.....thanks for stopping by !!!!!!!!!!!