Laboratory of David Burgess
BioRad Protein Microassays

1. Dilute samples into ddH2O to a total volume of 800 uL and vortex. Two or three different concentrations of unknown protein should be used. This assay is only accurate for 2-15 ug protein per sample.
2. Prepare a standard curve (duplicate each point) of 1-15 ug of BSA in a total volume of 800 uL & vortex.
3. Prepare a blank of 800 uL of ddH2O.
4. Add 200 uL of concentrated dye reagent to each tube and mix by vortexing.
5. After a period of 5-60 minutes, read OD595 vs. the reagent blank.
6. Plot standard points on graph paper or enter the standard curve into a linear least squares program to obtain unknown protein values.

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