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Cytokinesis Publications:

Burgess, D.R. and T.E. Schroeder. 1977. Polarized bundles of actin filaments within microvilli of fertilized sea urchin eggs. J. Cell Biol. 74:1032- 1037.

Yabkowitz, R. and D.R. Burgess. 1987. Low ionic strength solubility of myosin in sea urchin egg extracts is mediated by a myosin binding protein. J. Cell Biol. 105: 927-936.

Walker, G., R. Yabkowitz, and D.R. Burgess. 1991. Mapping the binding domain of a Myosin II-binding protein. Biochemistry. 30: 10206-10210.

Walker, G., R. Kane and D.R. Burgess. 1994. Isolation and Characterization of a SeaUrchin Zygote Cortex Which Supports in vitro Contraction and Reactivation of Furrowing. J. Cell Science. 107: 2239-2248.

Walker, G., D.R. Burgess, and W.H. Kinsey. 1996. Fertilization promotes selective association of the abl kinase with the egg cytoskeleton. Eur. J. Cell Biol. 70: 165-171.

Walker, G., C. B. Shuster and D. Burgess. 1997. Microtubule-entrained kinase activities associated with the cortical cytoskeleton during cytokinesis. J. of Cell Sci. 110: 1373-1386.

Shuster, C.B. and D.R. Burgess. 1999. Parameters that specify the timing of cytokinesis. J. Cell Biol., 146: 981-992.

Microvilli, Motors and Brush Borders Publications:

Burgess, D.R. and R.D. Grey. 1974. Alteration in morphology of developing microvilli elicited by cytochalasin B: Studies of embryonic chick intestine in organ culture. J. Cell Biol. 62:566-574.

Burgess, D.R. 1975. Morphogenesis of intestinal villi. II. Mechanism of formation of previllous ridges. J. Embryol. Exp. Morph. 34:723-740.

Burgess, D.R. 1976. Structure of the epithelial-mesenchymal interface during early morphogenesis of the chick duodenum. Tissue and Cell 8:147-158.

Burgess, D.R. and T.E. Schroeder. 1977. Polarized bundles of actin filaments within microvilli of fertilized sea urchin eggs. J. Cell Biol. 74:1032- 1037.

Allen, R.D., L.R. Zacharski, S.T. Widirstky, R. Rosenstein, L. Zaitlin, and D.R. Burgess. 1979. Transformation and motility of human platelets. Details of the shape change and release reaction observed by optical and electron microscopy. J. Cell Biol. 83:126-142.

Matsudaira, P.T. and D.R. Burgess. 1979. Identification and organization of the components in the isolated microvillus cytoskeleton. J. Cell Biol. 83:667-673.

Matsudaira, P.T. and D.R. Burgess, 1982. Partial reconstruction of the microvillus core bundle: Characterization of villin as a Ca++-dependent, actin bundling/depolymerizing protein. J. Cell Biol. 92:748-656.

Matsudaira, P.T. and D.R. Burgess. 1982. Organization of the cross filaments in intestinal microvilli. J. Cell Biol. 92:657-664.

Burgess, D.R. and B.E. Prum 1982. A re-evaluation of brush border motility. Calcium induces core filament solation and microvillar vesiculation J. Cell Biol. 94: 97-107.

Burgess, D.R. 1982. Reactivation of intestinal epithelial cell brush border motility. ATP-Dependent contraction via a terminal web contractile ring. J. Cell Biol. 95: 853-863.

Broschat, K.D., R.P. Stidwill, and D.R. Burgess. 1983. Phosphorylation controls brush border motility by regulating myosin structure and association with the cytoskeleton. Cell. 35: 561-571.

Stidwill, R.P., T. Wysolmerski, and D.R. Burgess. 1984. The brush border cytoskeleton is not static: In vivo turnover of proteins. J. Cell Biol. 98: 641-654.

Stidwill, R.P. and D.R. Burgess. 1986. Regulation of intestinal brush border microvillus length during development by the G-to F-actin ratio. Develop. Biol. 114: 381-388.

Broschat, K.O. and D.R. Burgess. 1986. Low Mr tropomyosin isoforms from chicken brain and intestinal epithelium have distinct actin binding properties. J. Biol. Chem. 261: 13350- 13359.

Burgess, D.R., K.O. Broschat and J. Hayden. 1987. Tropomyosin distinguishes between the two actin binding sites of villin and affects actin binding properties of other brush border proteins. J. Cell Biol. 104: 29-40.

Broschat, K.O., A. Weber, and D.R. Burgess. 1989. Tropomyosin stabilizes the pointed end of actin filaments by slowing depolymerization. Biochemistry. 28: 8501-8506.

Burgess, D.R., W. Jiang, S. Mamajiwalla, and W. Kinsey. 1989. Intestinal crypt stem cells possess high levels of cytoskeleton-associated phosphotyrosine-containing proteins and tyrosine kinase activity relative to differentiated enterocytes. J. Cell Biol. 109: 2139-2144.

K. Fath, S.D. Obenauf, and D.R. Burgess. 1990. Development of the adult enterocyte cytoskeleton: Brush border formation and expression of cytoskeletal proteins and mRNAs. Development. 109:449-459.

Cartwright, C., S. Mamajiwalla, S.A. Skolnick, W. Eckhart, and D.R. Burgess. 1993. Intestinal crypt cells contain higher levels of cytoskeletal-associated pp60c-src protein tyrosine kinase activity than do differenciated enterocytes. Oncogene. 8: 1033-1039.

Fath, K. R. and D.R. Burgess. 1993. Golgi-derived vesicles from developing epithelial cells bind actin filaments and possess myosin-I as a cytoplasmically oriented peripheral membrane protein. J. Cell Biol. 120: 117-127.

Fath, K.R., G. Trimbur, and D.R. Burgess. 1994. Molecular motors are differentially distributed on Golgi membranes from polarized epithelial Cells. J. Cell Biol. 126: 661-676.

Mamajiwalla, S.N. and D.R. Burgess. 1995. Differential regulation of the activity of 42kD mitogen activated protein kinase (p42 mapk) during enterocyte differentiation in vivo. Oncogene. 11:377-386.

Fath, K., G. Trimbur and D. R. Burgess. 1997 Molecular motors and a spectrin matrix associate with Golgi membranes in vitro. J. of Cell Biol., 139: 1169-1181.

Ikonen, E., J.B. deAlmeid, K.R. Fath, D. Burgess, K. Ashman, K. Simons, and J.L. Stow. 1997. Myosin II is associated with Golgi membranes: identification of p200 as nonmuscle myosin II on Golgi-derived vesicles. J. of Cell Sci., 110: 2155-2164.

Review Articles:

Burgess, D.R. and T.E. Schroeder. 1978. Cytomusculature and cytoskeleton in morphogenesis. In: The Cytoskeleton in Normal and Pathological Processes. G. Gabbiani, ed. S. Karger, Basel, Switzerland.

Matsudaira, P.T. and D.R. Burgess 1982. Structure and function of the brush border cytoskeleton. In: Cold Spring Harbor Symp. 46: 845-854.

Burgess, D.R. 1984. The intestinal epithelial cell brush border cytoskeleton. In: "Mucosal Adherence of Organisms in the Gastrointestinal Tract." E.C. Boedeker, ed. CRC Press Monograph.

Brinkerhoff, L.E., L.A. Sheldon, M.C. Benoit, D.R. Burgess, and R.L. Wilder 1985. Effects of retinoids on rheumatoid arthritis: a proliferative and invasive non-malignant disease. In: CIBA Symposium on Retinoids.

Burgess, D.R. 1987. The intestinal epithelial cell cytoskeleton. In: "Advances in Cell Biology." K.R. Miller, ed. JAI Press, New York.

Carraway, K.L., M.M. Pratt, and D.R. Burgess 1987. The Cytoskeleton: Past, Present and Future. BioEssays. 7: 147-148.

Burgess, D.R., R. Yabkowitz, and G.R. Walker. 1990. Identification of a putative binding site for a sea urchin 53kD myosin-binding protein. In: Cytokinesis: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. Mechanism of Furrow Formation During Cell Division. Eds. G.W. Conrad and T.S. Schroeder. New York.

Mamajiwalla, S., K. Fath, and D.R. Burgess. 1992. Development of the chicken intestinal epithelium. In Current Topics in Development Biology. E. Bearer, editor.Academic Press/San Diego, CA 26: 123-143.

Fath, K.R., S.N. Mamajiwalla and D.R. Burgess. 1993. The Cytoskeleton in Development of Epithelial Cell Polarity. J. Cell Science. 17: 65-73

Fath, K.R. and D.R. Burgess. 1994. Membrane Motility Mediated by Unconventional Myosin. Current Opinion in Cell Biol. 6: 131-135.

Fath, K.R. and D.R. Burgess. 1995. Brush Border Microvillus Assembly: Not Actin' Alone. Current Biology. 5: 591-593.

Fath, K.R. and D.R. Burgess. 1996. Role of the Cytoskeleton and Molecular Motors in Transport Between the Golgi Complex and Plasma Membrane. in: Membrane Protein-Cytoskeleton Interactions. W. James Nelson, ed. Current Topics in Membranes, Vol. 43: 53-71. Academic Press.

Stow, J.l., K.R. Fath and D.R. Burgess. 1998. Budding Roles for Myosin II on the Golgi Complex. Trends in Cell Biology. 8: 138-141.

Other Publications:

Matsudaira P.T. and D.R. Burgess. 1978. SDS micro-slab linear gradient polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Anal. Biochem. 87:386-396.

Allen, R.D., L.R. Zacharski, S.T. Widirstky, R. Rosenstein, L. Zaitlin, and D.R. Burgess. 1979. Transformation and motility of human platelets. Details of the shape change and release reaction observed by optical and electron microscopy. J. Cell Biol. 83:126-142.

Burgess, D.R. 1996. Are Foreign Students Displacing Minorities in Biomedical Graduate Education? Journal of NIH Research, Vol. 9, No. 4: 17-21.

Burgess, D.R. 1997. Barriers to Graduate School for Minority-Group Students. Chronicle of Higher Education, Invited Article, Vol. XLIV, No. 7: B7-8.

Burgess, D.R. 1998. Where Will the Next Generation of Biomedical Scientists Come From? Cancer. 83/8: 1717-1719.

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