El arte antiguo de América en el Museo de Bellas Artes de Boston

A page for instructors

El arte antiguo de América is a website that was created to serve as an introduction to the richness of the precolumbian cultures of the Americas. This website is written in Spanish and links to other Spanish-language sites on the Internet. This website was created for students of Spanish at the intermediate or advanced level.

The activities can be done in many ways:

Other useful sites for further research

Sites in Spanish:


Mapahumano de Etnias, Pueblos y Culturas - well illustrated and informative

Yahoo! México - a list of museum websites

Civilizaciones de la América precolombina - an educational website from Venezuela

Grandes Civilizaciones Precolombinas - a slide presentation

Momias y Costumbres Funerarias - not only in Ancient America

Diccionario de mitos y creencias - a research site

El Balero: México para niños - a website at intermediate Spanish level


Maya Calendar - a bilingual site

Mundo Maya - history and culture of the Mayan civilization to present days

Mayan Legends


Tenochtitlán en linea - a compact personal site on the ancient Aztec civilization

Art in Mexico - History of Mexican art and culture

Arqueología Mexicana - most important archaeological sites in Mexico

El pueblo del sol: universo azteca - a comprehensive site on Aztec civilization

Web de México - a comprehensive site on Mexico

Aztecas - a list of sofisticated sites on Mexico's pre-columbian civilizations

Antropología e Historia - a list of official and academic sites on Mexico

Mexico Web: Arte y Cultura/Historia - a varied list of sites

Sites in English:

Pre-Columbian Civilizations - a collection of sites to aid research

Prehispanic Calendars - an interpretation guide

Ancient Middle America - a list of useful sites

Ancient Latin America  - a site created and hosted by Minnesota State University

Caracol: archaelogical research project in Belize, University of Southern Florida

Maya Archaeology - a site of scholarly value

Yahooligans! - a directory of sites for the study of ancient American civilizations

Western Hemisphere - Mr Donn's K-12 lesson plans and activities

Ancient America - Scholastic's website for teachers.

The Conquistadors - PBS website for teachers

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