Walsh Family Tree

A Look at Our Ancestors

Walsh Crest
For some time I have been working on putting together a view of our family. I wanted to document as much information about our family as possible. I am extremely grateful to those that helped me compile this information. It is my hope that we can continue to add to this work and that we can capture information other than dates of brith, marraige and death. To view the family tree, either click on the crest or click here.
Remember, this is a work in progress and there will be changes to it. I hope the information that is presented is accurate. If you notice any errors or have any additional facts that you would like to contribute, please contact me.


Christy's Christmas Challenge '08Animated Santa

Xmas Trees

As we are all getting together this Christmas I thought it might be a good idea to propose a challenge in which we could do something healthy and to do it with Dad's memory in mind. The overall goal is just to do something healthy for ourselves and to hopefully raise some money for Cancer research in the process. For additional information on this please click here.




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