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Don Cox Professor of Economics


April, 2007 (download PDF of this CV)

Office Address:

Department of Economics
Boston College Chestnut Hill, MA 02167 (617) 552-3677 (voice)
(617) 552-2308 (fax)
email: donald.cox@bc.edu
web: www2.bc.edu/~coxdo




B.S., Economics, Boston College, 1975
Ph.D., Economics, Brown University, 1980

Research Interests:

Intergenerational Transfers, Biology and Economics, Economic Development, Labor Economics


Economic Psychology, Labor Economics, Econometrics, Microeconomics

Professional Experience:

Professor, Boston College, 1995-present.

Associate Professor, Boston College, 1987–1994.

Assistant Professor, Washington University, 1981–87.

National Fellow, Hoover Institute, Stanford University, 1984–85.

Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 1980–81.

Consultant, The World Bank, 1986–2000.

Social Sciences and Population Study Section, National Institutes of Health, 1997–2004.

Columnist, EconLib website, 2002–present.

Honors and Awards:

National Fellowship, Hoover Institute, 1984–85.

National Science Foundation Grant, 1986–89.

National Institutes of Health Grants, 1989-91, 1996–2000, 2003–08.

Who's Who In Economics, 4th Edition, 2003.


"Biological Basics and Economics of the Family." Journal of Economic Perspectives, forthcoming, Spring 2007.

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Working Papers and Unpublished Drafts:

"Financial Transfers to the Elderly and the 'Demonstration Effect'." (with Oded Stark).

"Motivation for Money and Care that Adult Children Provide for Parents: Evidence from 'Point-Blank' Survey Questions." (with Beth Soldo), Boston College Center for Retirement Research Working Paper no. 2004–17, (May 2004).

"Private Transfers in a Cross Section of Developing Countries." (with Emmanuel Jimenez and Emanuela Galasso).

"Inheritances, Family Traditions, and Bequests." (with Oded Stark)

Recent Grants and Awards:

"Biological Basics and Intergenerational Transfers." National Institutes of Health, 2003–09.

"Income from Household and Government Transfers," part of a larger project, "Economic Growth and Household Welfare–Policy Lessons from Vietnam," funded by the World Bank, Spring, 2001.

"The Demonstration Effect in Intergenerational Transfers." National Institutes of Health, 1996–2000. (with Oded Stark).

"A Study of Private Safety Nets in Developing Countries." Research funded by the World Bank, Summer, 1997.

"A Study of Private Safety Nets in Developing Countries." Research funded by the World Bank, Summer, 1998.

"Family Safety Nets and Economic Transition in Eastern Europe." The National Council for Soviet and East European Research, 1995–96. (with Wlodek Okrasa).

Recent Presentations at Conferences and Seminars

1998 American Economic Association Meetings, University of California Santa Barbara, UCLA, MIT, Swarthmore College, National Minority Research Symposium, Vanderbilt University

1999 The World Bank

2000 American Economic Association Meetings, 8th World Congress of the Econometric Society Meetings

2001 The Role and Impact of Gifts and Estates, Conference Sponsored by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College; University of Maryland

2002 American Economic Association Meetings

2003 American Economic Association Meetings, University of Pennsylvania, University of Washington, Population Association of America Meetings

2004 Health and Retirement Study Research Conference on Older Families, University of Wisconsin, Madison

2005 Grantee Workshop on Intergenerational Family Resource Allocation at the National Institutes of Health; Oregon State University; Northeastern University; University of Virginia; Handbook of Agricultural Economics Conference, Bellagio, Italy; Washington University in St. Louis; Department of Policy Analysis and Management, Cornell University; Evolving Family Project, Cornell University; Workshop on Intergenerational Relations and Support, Cornell University

2006 Population Association of America Meetings, Stonehill College, Penn State Symposium on Family Issues


American Economic Review Journal of Econometrics

American Journal of Agricultural Economics Journal of Human Resources

Contemporary Economic Policy Journal of Labor Economics

European Economic Review Journal of Population Economics

Economica Journal of Money, Credit and Banking

Economic Development and Cultural Change Journal of Political Economy

Economic Inquiry Journal of Public Economics

Economic Journal National Science Foundation

Inquiry Review of Economics and Statistics

Journal of Asian Economics Review of Economic Studies

Journal of Development Economics Review of Income and Wealth

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control Scandinavian Journal of Economics

Journal of Economics and Business World Bank Economic Review

Journal of Health Economics National Institutes of Health


Ph.D. dissertation committee member, Washington University (four).

Ph.D. dissertation advisor, Boston College (seven).

Ph.D. dissertation committee member, Boston College (twenty).

Advisor, undergraduate honors thesis, Boston College (twenty-four).

Email: donald.cox@bc.edu

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