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Incoming ECA President Donald Fishman addresses the 2004 ECA General
Business Meeting.

Donald Fishman teaches courses in Communication Law, Crisis Communication, the History of Mass Communication, Public Relations, and Business and Professional Speaking. He is the recipient of the 1998 Haiman Award for Distinguished Scholarship in Freedom of Expression and the 2001 Phifer Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Parliamentary Procedure. He also is the winner of the 2001 and 2003 O'Neill Award for the Top Paper in Freedom of Expression Division at the National Communication Association (NCA) Convention.

Fishman is President of the Eastern Communication Association (2004-2005). His administrative objectives for the Eastern Communication Association (ECA) are tailored to Interest Group reconfiguration and the signing of a new agreement to digitize and distribute each of the three journals that the ECA publishes.

In addition, Fishman is working with a pilot group to create digital rules for parliamentary procedure and to update Roberts’ Rules of Order for the Internet. He has twice been chairman of the Commission on American Parliamentary Practices (CAPP).

Fishman's recent articles have been on libel law, the Supreme Court decision in United States v. O’Brien, Reading John Locke in Cyberspace, Horace Kallen and Mainstreaming Ethnicity, and Columbine as a Focusing Event.

Fishman is completing a monograph on the legal developments in cyberspace for M.E. Sharpe.

Pictures from 2004 ECA Convention