The 2004 ECA convention in Boston had ten Spotlight programs, over a dozen short courses, and a marvelous keynote address on civil liberties by Franklyn S. Haiman, Professor Emeritus at Northwestern University.


Donald Fishman, Boston College, and John Courtright, University of Delaware
at the 2004 ECA General Business Meeting


Susan J. Drucker, Hofstra University, congratulates Thomas Flynn, Slippery
Rock University, on winning the 2004 ECA Past President's Award.


Donald Fishman looks on as Mary Kahl examines a gift honoring her
distinguished service as ECA President.


Donald Fishman, Boston College, Mary Kahl, SUNY-New Paltz, and Candice
Thomas-Maddox, Ohio University share a lighter moment at the 2004 ECA
General Business meeting.


Donald Fishman, the 2004-2005 ECA President, talks about the success of the
2004 ECA convention in Boston.


Dr. Bonnie S. Jefferson, Boston College, and Sara A. Mehltretter, Boston College, helped organize the 2004 ECA convention in Boston.