Analytic Number Theory

Boston College, Spring 2019

The aim of this course is to learn some of the useful techniques of analytic number theory. We will do this by considering their application to some classical problems such as the distribution of prime numbers and counting the number of integer solution to Diophantine equations. In particular some of the topics we will cover are


The course is intended for graduate students; interested undergraduate students are also welcome.
I will assume a working knowledge of basic courses in real and complex analysis, linear algebra, and group theory.



MWF 9-10
Room: Maloney 560


There will be periodic homework assignments posted here.


  • Problem set 1 in PDF (due Fri Feb 15)
  • Problem set 2 in PDF (due Mon Feb 25)
  • Problem set 3 in PDF (due Mon Mar 25)

  • Contact me at:, Office : Carney 268, tel: (617) 552-6588

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