Boston College NT&AG seminar
(Thursdays, 3 pm. at Carney 309. Exceptions noted below.)

Spring 2014

Feb. 06: David Treumann (BC), Functoriality, Smith theory, and the Brauer homomorphism. Abstract.

Feb. 13: Brendan Hassett (Rice), K3 surfaces over local fields and derived equivalence Abstract.

Feb. 20: Melody Chan (Harvard), Fano schemes of determinants and permanents Abstract.

Feb. 27: Tomer Schlank (MIT), Etale Homotopy, Sections and Diophantine Equations Abstract.

Mar. 06: Spring break

Mar. 13: Nicola Tarasca (Utah), Double total ramifications for curves of genus 2 Abstract.

Mar. 20: Alexei Oblomkov (UMass), Topology of the Affine Springer Fibers: examples and applications to the representation theory Abstract.

Mar. 27: Dubi Kelmer (BC) ), Equidistribution of translated geodesics and counting integer points Abstract.

Apr. 03: Kamal Khuri-Makdisi (AUB), Eisenstein series of weight 1 Abstract.

Apr. 10 in Gasson 208: François Charles (Université Paris-Sud), Zarhin's trick for K3 surfaces and the Tate conjecture Abstract.

Apr. 17: Easter break

Apr. 24: Andrew Sutherland (MIT)), The refined Sato-Tate conjecture Abstract.

May. 01 Two taks back to back 2pm (note special time):
2pm: Angelica Cueto (Columbia U)), Faithful tropicalization of the Grassmannian of planes
3pm: Izzet Coskun (UIC), Effective divisors on moduli spaces of sheaves on the plane

Fall 2013

Sep. 12: Dan Ciubotaru (Utah), Spin representations of Weyl groups and elliptic theory for affine Hecke algebras Abstract.

Sep. 19: Anand Patel (BC), Picard groups of some moduli spaces of curves Abstract.

Sep. 26: Li-Mei Lim (BC), Counting Square Discriminants Abstract.

Oct. 3: Laura Rider (MIT), Parity sheaves on the affine Grassmannian and the Mirkovic--Vilonen conjecture Abstract.

Oct. 10: Alex Wright (University of Chicago), Affine submanifolds of the moduli space of abelian differentials Abstract.

Oct. 17: Ellen Goldstein (BC), Nilpotent Orbit Closures in the Symplectic and Orthogonal Groups Abstract.

Oct. 24: Two taks back to back at Devlin 218 (note change of room)

3pm: Sebastian Casalaina-Martin (University of Colorado), Extending the Prym map to toroidal compactifications of the moduli of abelian varieties. Abstract.

4pm: Radu Laza (Stony Brook) The KSBA compactication for the moduli space of degree two K3 pairs. Abstract.

Oct. 31: Wei Ho (Columbia) Some applications of explicit moduli spaces for genus one curves Abstract.

Nov. 7: Keith Merrill (Tufts) Approximations on Quadratic Hypersurfaces Abstract.

Nov. 14: Anand Deopurkar (Columbia University) GIT Stability of First Syzygies of Canonical Curves Abstract.

Nov. 21: Alina Marian (Northeastern) Strange duality on abelian surfaces Abstract.

Nov. 28: No seminar (Thanksgiving)

Dec. 5:No seminar this week

Dec. 12: David Smyth (ANU)

Spring 2013

Jan. 24: Kwangho Choiy (Oklahoma State University), Plancherel Measures and Invariants of L-parameters. Abstract.

Jan. 31: Sungmun Cho (Northeastern), Group schemes and local densities Abstract.

Tuesday Feb. 05: BC-MIT seminar at MIT

Feb. 14: No seminar this week

Feb. 21: Yifeng Liu (MIT), Refined Gan-Gross-Prasad conjecture for Bessel periods and some examples Abstract.

Feb. 28: Ben Howard (BC), Gross-Zagier theorems for higher weight modular forms Abstract.

Mar. 07: No seminar (Spring break)

Mar. 14: Scott Nollet (TCU), Class groups in geometry and algebra Abstract.

Tuesday Mar. 19: BC-MIT seminar at BC

Mar. 28: No senimar (Easter break)

Apr. 04: Dmitry Zakharov (Stony Brook), The zero section of the universal semi-abelic variety and the double ramification cycle Abstract.

Tuesday Apr. 09: BC-MIT seminar at MIT

Apr. 11: Dustin Clausen (MIT), Arithmetic duality in algebraic K-theory Abstract.

Apr. 18: Thanos D. Papaïoannou (Harvard), The non-abelian p-curvature conjecture Abstract.

Apr. 25: Charlie Siegel (KAVLI IPMU) The Schottky Problem in genus 5 Abstract.

Fall 2012

Sep. 13: Daniel Erman (Michigan), Syzygies and Boij--Soederberg Theory . Abstract.

Sep. 20: Yusuf Mustopa (BC), Stability of Syzygy Bundles on Surfaces . Abstract.

Sep. 27: Yangbo Ye (University of Iowa), Asymptotic Voronoi's summation formula. Abstract.

Oct. 04: Emily Norton (BC), André polynomials and representations of symplectic reflection algebras in positive characteristic..

Oct. 11: David Ginzburg (Tel Aviv University), Construction of global Eulerian integrals and Langland's functorial liftings.

Oct. 16: BC-MIT seminar at BC; Jeff Hoffstein (Brown) and Sujatha Ramdorai (UBC).

Oct. 18: No Seminar

Oct. 25: Keerthi Madapusi (Harvard) The Tate conjecture for K3 surfaces over fields of odd characteristic. Abstract.

Nov. 01: Jack Thorne (Harvard), Automorphy lifting and the Fontaine-Mazur conjecture for U(3) Abstract.

Nov. 08: Ozlem Imamoglu (ETH), On weakly harmonic Maass forms and their Fourier coefficients. Abstract.

Nov. 13: BC-MIT seminar at MIT; Jim Cogdell (Ohio State) and Yuri Tschinkel (NYU).

Nov. 15: Double header: Anand Patel (Harvard) A Decomposition of Hurwitz Space followed by Yaim Cooper (Princeton), Stable quotients and stable maps: A comparison. Abstracts

Nov. 22: No seminar (Thanksgiving)

Nov. 29: Rajesh Kulkarni (Michigan State), Relative Brauer groups of curves Abstracts .

Dec. 04: BC-MIT seminar at BC; Richard Taylor (IAS) and Max Lieblich (University of Washington).

Dec. 06: Zachary Maddock(Columbia), Regular del Pezzo surfaces with irregularity .

Spring 2012

Feb. 16: Lior Rosenzweig (Hebrew University), Galois group of random elements of linear groups. Abstract.

Feb. 23: Lei Zhang (BC), Automorphic period on (Sp_{4n}(F), Sp_2n(E)) Abstract.

Mar. 01: Tony Licata (IAS/Australian National University), See Geometry/Topology seminar page

Mar. 9: No seminar (Spring break).

Mar. 15: Nir Avni (Harvard), Groups in positive characteristic and groups in characteristic zero Abstract.

Mar. 22: No Seminar (BC-MIT seminar on Tuesday).

Mar. 29: Yu-jong Tzeng (Harvard), Counting curves with higher singularities on surfaces. Abstract.

Apr. 05: No Seminar (BC-MIT seminar on Tuesday).

Apr. 12: Sug-Woo Shin (MIT), Fields of rationality for automorphic representations. Abstract.

Apr. 19: No seminar (Robert Ghrist speaking in Distinguished Lecturer Series).

Apr. 26: David Hansen (BC), What is an eigenvariety, and how big are they? Abstract.

Fall 2011

Thu. Oct 06: Dubi Kelmer (BC), Logarithm laws for unipotent flows. Abstract.

Tue. Oct. 11: Jared Weinstein (BU), Maximal varieties over finite fields. Abstract.

Tue. Oct. 18: BC-MIT seminar.

Thu. Oct. 27: No seminar this week.

Tue. Nov. 01: Michael Volpato (BC), Generalizations of some results of Deuring. Abstract.

Thu. Nov. 10: Dawei Chen (BC), Flat surfaces and Teichmueller curves. Abstract.

Tue. Nov. 15: BC-MIT seminar.

Thu. Nov. 22: No seminar this week.

Tue. Nov. 29: Bianca Virai (Brown), On a uniform bound for the number of exceptional linear subvarieties in the dynamical Mordell-Lang conjecture Abstract.

Thu. Dec. 08: Liang Xiao (U. of Chicago), Computing log-characteristic cycles using rami cation theory Abstract.