Boston College NT&AG seminar

Schedule for Fall 2014 (Carney 309 at 3pm)

Sep. 11: Lior Bary-Soroker (Tel Aviv University) Simultaneous prime polynomial values of linear functions. Abstract

Sep. 18: Ilya Vinogradov(Bristol) Directions in Hyperbolic Lattices. Abstract

Sep. 25:Matt Lamoureux (BC), Stirling_s formula in number fields. Abstract

Oct. 02: Brian Lehmann (BC), The geometric constants in Manin's Conjecture. Abstract

Oct. 09: Aaron Silberstein (UPenn), Geometric Reconstruction in Bogomolov's Program of Anabelian Geometry. Abstract

Oct. 16: Jenia Tevelev (UMass Amherst), Algebraic surfaces of general type of geometric genus zero. Abstract

Oct. 23: Alexander Polishchuk, (U of Oregon) A modular compactification of M_{1,n} from A-infinity structures. Abstract

Oct. 30: Michael Woodbury (Columbia), An Adelic Kuznetsov Trace Formula for GL(4) Abstract

Nov. 06: Andrew Phillips (BC), A Gross-Zagier formula for Shimura curves Abstract

Nov. 13: Letao Zhang (Stony Brook), Character formula on cohomologies of deformations of Hilbert schemes of K3 surfaces Abstract

Dec. 04: Igor Minevich (BC), Cohomology of Topological Groups and Grothendieck Topologies Abstract

Schedule for Spring 2015
(Carney 309 at 3pm)

Jan. 15: Ethan Cotterill (Universidade Federal Fluminense) Dimension counts for singular rational curves Abstract

Jan. 29: Alex Kontorovich (Rutgers) Equidistribution of Shears and Applications Abstract

Feb. 5: Tony Varilly-Alvarado (Rice) Special cubic fourfolds and K3 surfaces: an arithmetic perspective Abstract

Feb. 12: No seminar this week.

Feb. 19: Charlotte Chan (U. of Michigan), ) p-adic Deligne-Lusztig constructions and the local Langlands correspondence Abstract

Feb. 26:

Mar. 3: Spring break (no seminar)

Mar. 12:Michael Magee (IAS) Expanding maps and continued fractions Abstract

Mar. 19: Mark Reeder (BC) On the minimally wild Langlands parameter for 2-adic groups of type ^3D_4, F_4 and E_6

Mar. 26:Sho Tanimoto (Rice) Height zeta functions of algebraic groups Abstract

Apr. 2:Easter break (no seminar)

Apr. 9:Yuchen Zhang (Michigan) The volume of isolated singularities Abstract

Apr. 16:Paolo Stellari (Universita degli Studi di Milano) Uniqueness of dg enhancements in geometric contexts Abstract

Apr. 23: Chao Li (Harvard) Level raising mod 2 and arbitrary 2-Selmer ranks Abstract

Apr. 30: Steven J. Miller (Williams College). Finite conductor models for zeros near the central point of elliptic curve L-functions Abstract and slides