Boston College NT&AG seminar
Thursdays 2pm Seminar room, Maloney Hall 5th floor

Schedule for Fall 2017

Sep 28: Ziquan Zhuang (Princeton) Fano varieties with large Seshadri constants

Oct 05: Theo Johnson-Freyd (Perimeter Institute)

Oct 12: Ari Shnidman (BC) Quadratic twists of abelian varieties with real multiplication

Oct 19: Rohini Ramadas (Harvard) Algebraic dynamics from topological and holomorphic dynamics

Oct 26: Dori Bejleri (Brown)Compactifications of the moduli space of elliptic surfaces

Nov 02: Taylor Dupuy (Vermont) Deligne-Illusie classes as Arithmetic Kodaira-Spencer classes

Nov 09: Eduard Duryev (Harvard) Teichmüller curves in the moduli space of curves of genus 2

Nov 16: Jen Berg (Rice) Obstructions to integral points on affine Chatelet surfaces

Nov 23: Thanksgiving Break

Nov 30: Amitai Zernik (IAS) Computing the A_\infty algebra of RP^{2m} \to CP^{2m} using open fixed-point localization.

Dec 07:Siddharth Mathur (UW) Azumaya Algebras and the Resolution Property

Schedule for Spring 2018

Jan 25: Benjamin Bakker (University of Georgia) Transcendence of period maps

Feb 01: Ignacio Barros (HU Berlin) Geometry of the moduli of n-pointed K3 surfaces of genus eleven.

Feb 08: David Smyth (Tufts) Intersection numbers on log-canonical models of moduli spaces of curves.

Feb 15: Amanda Folsom (Amherst) Quantum Jacobi and quantum modular forms

Feb 16 (Friday 3pm): Michael Kemeny (Stanford)First steps toward a classification of Betti tables of canonical curves.

Feb 22: Adrien Sauvaget (IMJ) Volumes of strata of differentials via intersection theory.

Feb 28 (Wednesday 3pm): Lior Bary-Soroker (Tel Aviv) Is a random polynomial with bounded coefficients irreducible over the integers?

Mar 01: Alex Walker (Brown) Second Moment Results in the Gauss Circle Problem

Mar 08: Spring break (no seminar)

Mar 15: Joseph Hundley (Buffalo) On holomorphy of adjoint L-functions

Mar 22: Lucia Mocz (Princeton) A New Northcott Property for Faltings Height

Mar 29: Easter break (no seminar)

Apr 05: Fabian Haiden (Harvard) Flat surfaces and stability structures

Apr 12: Ananth Shankar (MIT) Exceptional splitting of reductions of abelian surfaces

Apr 19: Jan Vonk (McGill) Singular moduli for real quadratic fields

Apr 26: Valia Gazaki (Michigan) Zero cycles on products of elliptic curves over a p-adic field.

May 3: Wei Ho (Michigan) Revisiting the Hessian

May 3 (4PM): Quentin Gendron (UNAM) The existence problem for k-differentials.

May 10: Lei Zhang (Nat. U. of Singapore) Twisted automorphic descent and Gan-Gross-Prasad conjecture

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