Boston College NT&AG seminar
Thursdays 3pm Seminar room, Maloney Hall 5th floor

Schedule for Spring 2016

Jan 21: Jarod Alper (ANU) A Luna etale slice theorem for algebraic stacks Abstract

Jan 28: Barbara Bolognese (Northeastern) Generic Strange Duality and Verlinde numbers on abelian surfaces Abstract

Feb 04: Leo Goldmakher (Williams College) Characters and their nonresidues Abstract

Feb 11:No seminar

Feb. 18: Alexander Perry (Harvard) Derived categories of Gushel-Mukai varieties Abstract

Feb 25:

Mar 3: Jason Bland (Harvard) Raising the 2-Selmer rank of Jacobians of hyperelliptic curves Abstract

Mar 10: No seminar (spring break)

Mar 17: Scott Mullane (BC) Divisors from the strata of abelian differentials Abstract

Mar 24: No seminar (Easter)

Mar 31: Jayce Getz (Duke) Limiting forms of trace formulae and triple product $L$-functions Abstract

Apr 07: Alexander Isaev (ANU) Isolated hypersurface singularities and associated forms. Abstract

Apr 14: No seminar (Distinguished Lecture in Mathematics)

Apr 21: Adrian Zahariuc (Harvard) Deformation of Quintic Threefolds to the Chordal Variety Abstract

Apr 28: Vasily Dolgushev (Temple University) A manifestation of the Grothendieck-Teichmueller group in geometry Abstract

May 5 at 2:30pm (Note special time!): Ila Varma (Harvard) The average size of 3-torsion elements in ray class groups of quadratic fields Abstract

Schedule for Fall 2015 (Seminar room, Maloney Hall 5th floor)

Sep. 10: Ian Petrow (Ecole Polytechnique) A twisted Motohashi formula Abstract

Sep. 17: Arul Shankar (Harvard) Cohen Lenstra heuristics in thin families of number fields. Abstract

Sep. 24:

Oct. 01: Xiaowei Wang (Rutgers) Moduli space of Fano Kahler-Einstein manifolds Abstract

Oct. 08: Carl Wang Erickson (Brandeis) Modularity of ordinary Galois representations via coarse moduli Abstract

Oct. 15: Pitale, Ameya (U. of Oklahoma) Restrictions of modular forms Abstract

Oct. 22: Fan Gao (Purdue) The Langlands-Shahidi L-functions for Brylinski-Deligne covering groups Abstract

Oct. 29: Ari Shnidman (BC) Selmer groups in families of cubic twists Abstract

Nov. 05: Beth Romano (BC) The Local Langlands Correspondence: New Examples from the Epipelagic Zone Abstract

Nov. 12: Sam Grushevsky (Stony Brook) Shimura curves contained in the loci of Jacobians of small genus Abstract

Nov. 19: Mihai Fulger (Princeton)Hilbert functions and volumes Abstract