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From the Wang Lab...
Yongjing Lin (2007-2012; doctoral student; Currently: Apllied Materials
Yongjing Lin
Guangbi Yuan (2008-2012; doctoral student; Currently: Lam Research)
Guangbi Yuan
Sa Zhou (2007-2012; doctoral student)
Sa Zhou
Matt Mayer (2008-2013; doctoral student; currently assistant professor at Helmholtz Institute Berlin)
Matt Mayer
Rui Liu (2008-2013; doctoral student)
Rui Liu
Jin Xie (2009-2015; doctoral student)

Jin Xie

Chun Du (2011-2015; doctoral student)

Xiahui Yao (2012-2017; doctoral student)
Xiahui Yao
Wei Li (2012-2018; doctoral student)
Wei Li
Qingmei Cheng (2013-2018; doctoral student)
Qingmei Cheng

Stafford Sheehan (2008-2011; currently Catalytic Innovations)

Staff Sheehan
Andrew Levine (2008-2010; master student)

Andrew Levine

Zacahry Simpson (2009-2012; master student)

Zachary Simpson

Carrie Stephani (2011-2013; master student)

Dr. Xiaohua Liu (2008-2010; postdoctoral scholar)
Xiaohua Liu
Dr. Yang Xu (2011-2012; postdoctoral scholar)

Yang Xu

Xiaogang Yang (2011-2013; postdoctoral scholar)
Xiaogang Yang
Pengcheng Dai (2012-2014; visiting student)
Pengcheng Dai
Dr. Ji-Wook Jang (2013-2014; postdoctoral researcher)
Prof. Peiyan Ma (2015-2016; visiting scholar)

Prof. Song Li (2014-2016; visiting scholar)

Song Li
Prof. Weiqiang Fan (2016-2017; visiting scholar)
Shasha Zhu
Prof. Hongye Bai (2016-2017; visiting scholar)
Hongye Bai
Ms. Shasha Zhu (2016-2017; visiting student)
Shasha Zhu
Mr. Xin Ba (2016-2017; visiting student)
Shasha Zhu
Xizi Zhang (2015-2018; undergraduate student)
Shasha Zhu
Hajin Hwang (2016-2018; undergraduate student)
Ian Madden 2012-2015; undergraduate student
Erik Liu (2014-2017; undergraduate student)
Ken Aruda (2009-2010; currently at Northwestern University, Ph.D. program)
Ken Aruda
Jae Jin (Lisa)Han (2012)

Henry Hoyt

Gregory Bischoping (2012-2015; currently: UPenn Law School)
Jordan Tassone (2013-2015)
Zainul Hasanali (2007-2009; currently: Penn State University, MD-Ph.D program)
Dr. Huaizhou Zhao (2007-2008; currently: Boston College)
Weidong He (2007-2008; currently: ??)
Yan Zou (2008; currently: Fudan University, China)


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