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May 2018

We congratulate Xizi Zhang for receiving a number of prestigious awards, including: the McGuinn Award, the McCarthy Prize, the 2018 ACS Undergraduate Award in Physical Chemistry, Scholar of the College, and elected as a Phi Beta Kappa member! Well done, Xizi! Good luck with your future research/study at Yale!

Two new papers are recently accepted, including Wei's paper on facet-dependent hematite studies by ACS AMI and our joint feature article on CO2 reduction with Nanjing Tech (Yuanxing and Cailing) by J. Colloid. Inter. Sci. Congratulations!

April 2018

Dunwei was interviewed by Reuters TV.

Qi's collaboration paper with the Byers group is accepted by JACS. Congratulations!

Yanyan's paper is highlighted by Nature Energy:

Two new papers are recently accepted, including the Prospective article on catalysis in metal air batteries Qi wrote for MRS Communications and Wei and Da's paper on selective methane reforming for ACS Central Science. Congratulations to them!

March 2018

News coverage on Yanyan dinuclear catalyst Eurekalert, Science Daily, PhysOrg, and many more.

Qi's Li-O2 battery paper will be on the cover of Chem later this spring. Congratulations, Qi!

Dunwei was recently interviewed by Green Sense Radio. Stay tuned for the show!

Xiahui got the highly competitive, prestigious Chinese Government Award for Oustanding Overseas Students. Congratulations to Dr. Yao! He is the second one from the group to win this award.

February 2018

Four new papers have been recently accepted for publications, including Wei's collaboration paper with Prof. Chen Yang, Yanyan's paper on dinuclear heterogeneous catalyst, and Qi's paper on Li-O2 batteries. Yumin's perspect on solar water splitting will appear in Chem. Of them, Qi's paper will be published as the cover article. Congratulations to them!

Dunwei was promoted to full professor. Thanks group for making this possible.

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