Organization of Hell

Dante's version of Hell is divided in several different ways. The most obvious is that there are nine Circles; these are the most important divisions, as these separate what Dante considered to be the nine most terrible sins. But the nine are then divided into two major groups, the passive and the active sins. The passive sins are the earlier ones, where people are sort of swept along and end up sinning; these are the more traditional "seven deadly sins" of lust, gluttony, greed, etc. The active sins are those which people choose to do; they have a choice to sin or not to sin, and they obviously decided to sin. These are the circles that are located in the City of Dis, a gated city which Dante and Vergil need the help of an angel to enter.

There are even further divisions of Hell;  the Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth circles are all divided into several additional sections, as their "major" sins are vague, such as Violence for Circle Seven, but the three rings within that circle are "violence against others and property", "violence against the self" and "violence against God and nature". Similarly the Eighth circle has ten Bolgie, (singular, Bolgia) and the Ninth Circle has four rounds, with Satan himself at the end.