The *NEW* TIMS Facility at Boston College

The new IsotopX TIMS has been purchased and is undergoing testing in the Manchester (UK) factory. Anticipated delivery in March 2016.

Below are pictures of the new BC TIMS at the factory in early February 2016. Prof. Ethan Baxter and Lab Manager Mika Tappa visited the factory to test drive the new TIMS. Both 10^11 and 10^12 ohm resistor arrays performed to specification acheiving <20ppm RSE on 200 picogram loads of Nd run as the oxide. Once the Daly detector is tested, the TIMS will be shipped to BC.

Construction on the new ~1350 sq ft lab complex began in October 2015. Anticipated move-in date is March 9th 2016.

Below are a few views of the new Class 1000 UltraClean room (January 15th 2016). It includes six Class 100 work cubbies for indivdual use, one Class 100 laminar flow bench, and four Class 100 laminar flow fume hoods for clean lab chemistry.

The lab complex also includes: (1) a Class 10,000 Clean Room with an additional laminar flow fume hood and clean bench, (2) a climate controlled Mass Spectrometer room which will house the new IsotopX Phoenix and the existing Thermo IRMS (under the Direction of Prof. Corinne Wong), (3) a Mineral Separation Room, (4) and entry rooms for gowning, storage, etc.

Stay tuned for more updates as the project wraps up this month!