Field Work


Field based research is a crucial aspect of all research in the Baxter Group. I require all of my students to include a field component in their research to gain a fuller appreciation of the challenges and possibilities of reading the geologic record. This research has taken my students and me to carefully selected field areas all over the world where we collect and document the samples that best preserve a record of the diverse past Earth processes we seek to study. Field sites we have visited include the Greek Isles of Syros and Sifnos, the Austrian and Swiss Alps, Scotland, California, Ontario, and throughout New England. Please contact me for more information about field research. Enjoy the pictures below!

Besim Dragovic mapping on Sifnos, Greece   Anthony Pollington in the Austrian Alps   Nora Sullivan and Michelle Jordan at Vermont talc mine  
Anthony Pollington in the Austrian Alps   Louise Roy and Besim Dragovic on Sifnos, Greece   Penny Lancaster sampling in Connecticut  
Julie Barkman and Leah Mehl on the island of Syros, Greece   Katie Eccles and Claire Ostwald in Scotland   Louise Roy taking in the view on Sifnos, Greece  
Katie Eccles and Claire Ostwald in Glen Clova, Scotland   Anthony Pollington at the garnet cave in the Austrian Alps   Leah Mehl and Julie Barkman on the island of Sifnos, Greece  
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