Selected Research Topics

Garnet Geochronology

Carbonate Geochronology and CO2 Fluxes

Dehydration Reaction Kinetics and the Global Water Cycle

Noble Gas Diffusion & Geochronology

Rates and Timescales of Metamorphism

TIMS Facility

Field Work Photos




Research in the Baxter Group

By studying the vast geological record, in my research group we interpret the chemistry of diverse Earth materials (rocks, minerals, sediments, salts, and more) to elucidate the timescales, rates, and mechanisms of broad geological processes (tectonics, metamorphism, subduction, global geochemical cycles, lithosphere-hydrosphere-atmosphere interactions). An interest in unraveling the history of the Earth, as well as predicting certain aspects of its future, is at the heart of much of the research going on in my group.


Much of the research in the group involves the new TIMS Facility where we are pushing the limits of temporal and spatial resolution in isotopic analysis.


Analysis of carefully collected natural samples provides a crucial field context for research. That fundamental link to natural systems is a key aspect of research going on in my group and has taken us to such field areas as the Greek Isles, Austria, Switzerland, Scotland, California, New England, and more.


If you are interested in discussing any of these existing, or potential new research areas, please feel free to contact me.




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