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Student Opportunities in the Baxter Group

My research group includes both graduate and undergraduate students pursuing degrees in Earth Sciences and/or Chemistry. Ours is a tighly knit group that works together and learns from eachother in the lab, in the field, and at regular group meetings and coffees. I am always interested in working with students who bring broad scientific curiosity in the Earth Sciences combined with an interest in exploring and developing new cutting-edge geochemical and isotopic methods to study the Earth at ever-increasing levels of detail and precision. See below for further information about current research opportunities for graduate, undergraduate, and high school students.


Please contact me directly if you are interested in learning more about specific student research opportunities!


Graduate Students

I am always looking for talented prospective graduate students interested in joining my research group. The most important critieria are 1) broad interests and curiosity in the geosciences, 2) interests (though not necessarily experience) in isotope geochemistry and its applications, 3) interests in field-based research. Because almost all of the geological record of ancient Earth processes is locked inside rocks and minerals, I also prefer students with a solid preparation in mineralogy, petrology, and/or tectonics. Broad coursework throughout the Earth Sciences is always desirable. Take a look at my research page for information on some of our current project areas.


Undergraduate Students

Undergrauates are an important part of my research group. While undergraduate involvement often begins with work-study lab assistantships in the TIMS Facility or with me, my goal with undergraduate work is always to get students involved in their own hands-on research projects, often involving field work, TIMS analysis, and more. I typically recruit one or two undergraduates to work with me each year.


If you are interested, the best way to start is through coursework in Earth Sciences. These courses could lead to research with me in the form of a Directed Study, or Senior Thesis project. See my teaching page for more information on these curricular opportunities, or contact me directly if you are interested in getting involved.


High School Student Groups

I run a high school outreach program called RoBOT: "Rocks Beneath Our Toes". The program was initiated by NSF funding in 2005. The program brings high school students into the field with BU undergraduates to study rocks and minerals collected in their own community. The RoBOT experience culminates with a visit to Boston College, a tour of our geochemical facilities, and the opportunity to work with BC undergraduates in the analysis and exploration of their rock samples with our petrographic microscopes. For more information, download the RoBOT Program flier here. High school educators who wish to inquire about possible involvement in the RoBOT program should contact me.


NSF E-FIRE Postdoc - 2017-2019

I am currently seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow to join an exciting international collaboration recently funded by the National Science Foundation. The multi-investigator collaboration is called "E-FIRE" and focuses on the geochemical & geodynamic cycling within subduction zones. The E-FIRE postdoc will lead all Sm-Nd garnet geochronology for the collaboration. Further details here



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