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Interesting Links
Historical Variability of Valley Bottoms in the Colorado Front Range

This site was developed by Ellen Wohl and graduate students at Colorado State University to describe channel form and expected changes from disturbance in streams in the Colorado Front Range.

River Restoration and Management Links

Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration

NOAA Habitat Conservation

Intermountain Center for River Rehabilitation and Restoration - Utah State University

Beavers in the Media

PBS Documentary "Leave it to Beavers"

A documentary that relates how beavers can be used as a management tool to help restore water tables in incised channels. The documentary includes information and a video showing how beavers build dams.

"Beavers: Nature's Engineers" - Joe Wheaton, fluvial geomorphologist at Utah State University is interviewed by Nick Burns on Radio Active.

Interesting Links on Beavers - website on Partnering with Beavers in Restoration from Utah State University



Gabrielle C. L. David in the White River NF

Example of a valley bottom in the White River National Forest, CO
Two Boston College undergraduate students are conducting a geomorphic survey of Pearl Hill Brooke.

Surveying on Pearl Hill Brooke

Jacques Creek in the White River National Forest, CO
Jacques Creek was used as a reference site to compare with adjacent watersheds directly on the ski slopes.