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Intermediate Macro



Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECON2202.03 and ECON2202.04
Fall 2014

Prerequisites: ECON1132 and MATH1100

This course introduces undergraduate students to macroeconomic theory. It provides the analytical foundation and essential tools for understanding the mechanisms underlying the (macro-) economy and for evaluating policy debates. Building on the theory of modern macroeconomics, this course discusses the possibilities and the limitations of macroeconomic policy in dealing with business cycles, unemployment, inflation, and growth, in particular in the context of the challenges stemming from the recent financial crises and of a sustainable economic development.

Time and Location

Tuesday and Thursday, Campion 200
ECON2202.03: 9:00am – 10:15am (Syllabus, Canvas)
ECON2202.04: 10:30am – 11:45am (Syllabus, Canvas)

Tuesday, September 2nd: First class
Tuesday, September 9th: Homework 1 (ECON2202.04 only)
Thursday, September 11th: Interim Report 1 (ECON2202.03 only)
Tuesday, September 16th: Homework 2
Tuesday, September 23rd: Homework 3
Thursday, September 25th: Quiz 1
Tuesday, October 7th: Homework 4
Tuesday, October 14th: Homework 5
Thursday, October 16th: Quiz 2
Tuesday, October 28th: Homework 6
Thursday, November 6th: Interim Report 2 (ECON2202.03 only)
Thursday, November 6th: Homework 7
Tuesday, November 11th: Quiz 3
Thursday, November 20th: Homework 8
Tuesday, December 2nd: Homework 9
Thursday, December 4th: Quiz 4
Tuesday, December 9th: Final Report (ECON2202.03 only)
Tuesday, December 9th: Homework 10 (ECON2202.04 only)

Learning Management System

Lecture notes, problem sets (with answer keys!), and practice exams (with solutions!) are available on Canvas. Further, it contains a "library" of recent documents and press releases (e.g. from the Federal Reserve) that we discuss in class. Also, you will find there a tool that solves any IS/LM or AS/AD model for you - use it to get a feel for how our model works, or to create practice exam questions yourself.

Useful Links

Research at Boston College

Economic News

U.S. Government

Federal Reserve System


Economic Data

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