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Getting Started with Maple

This text was published in 1998 by John Wiley and Sons, Inc. (ISBN 0-471-25249-2).

It was written together with C-K. Cheung (also at Boston College) and Michael May, S.J. (of St.Louis University). C-K, Jerry, and Michael have used Maple as an essential component of undergraduate electives that we teach. C-K and Michael are probably more the experts than Jerry, however.

Feel free to contact us regarding questions you may have about what we've written at any of these addresses:

An errata list for this text follows, in order by page number.

  1. Page 107. The label at the bottom, left of the page reads "Combining Graphics with Show." It should read "Combining Graphics with the display Command." (Sorry: Show is the equivalent Mathematica command.)

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