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The relation between financial and tax reporting measures of income (with George Plesko). Tax Law Review, Spring 2002, 175-214.

Taxes clienteles and debt maturity (with Elaine Harwood). Journal of the American Taxation Association 22, Fall 2000, 22-39.

Evidence on the role of taxes on financing choice: Consideration of mandatory redeemable preferred stock (with Mary Ellen Carter). Journal of Financial Research, Spring 1995, 103-114.    

The effect of the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981 and the Tax Reform Act of 1986 on the distribution of effective tax rates (with Robert Smith).  Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 13:4, Winter 1994, 349-362. 

An empirical study of the consequences of U.S. tax rules for international acquisitions by U.S. firms (with David Sharp and Nickolaos Travlos). Journal of Finance 49:5, December 1994, 1893-1904.

The role of taxes in early debt retirement. Journal of the American Taxation Association 16, Spring 1994, 87-100. 

Earnings management of firms subject to the alternative minimum tax.  Journal of the American Taxation Association 14, Fall 1992, 88-111.

A winning combination for losing corporations (with Robert Smith).  Management Accounting, September 1992, 23.









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