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PriView v2.0

PriView v2.0 is a MS Windows application that helps you view, analyze, and troubleshoot records as they make their way through Ex Libris’ Primo® system.

You provide a system number, and PriView displays that record in your OPAC's MARC view, along with the Primo Source Record and PNX record.

Each field in the PNX record is hot linked to the normalization rule that created it. Rules can be inspected, summarized, searched, and archived from within PriView.

Versions 1 and 2 of Primo are supported by PriView v.2.0.

System Requirements
An installation of Ex Libris' Primo, versions 1 or 2
Administrative access to the Primo Back Office
A PC running Windows XP (preferred) or Vista.
Minimum screen resolution of 1024 X 768
An installation of MS Internet Explorer on the computer. (IE 6 preferred.)

PriView v2.0 is provided free of charge to the Ex Libris Primo user community. It is offered without warranty of any kind. Use it at your own risk. Neither Glenn Manino nor Boston College is liable for damages of any kind resulting from the running of this software or using the information it produces.


Complete PriView 2.0 installation .zip file, with User Manual

PriView2.0 User Manual only (MS Word format)

Please send an e-mail to me at when you download PriView. With your permission, I will keep your name on file and send you an e-mail when updates are available.

Installation Instructions
The User Manual (PriView20.doc) will also be found in the PriView directory. Review this manual before running PriView. The Setup section will give details about the information you will need to provide during PriView's first execution.
Release notes

[August 20, 2008] Initial release of PriView2.0 Build 20080820.

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