Neurobiology of Feeding Behavior Laboratory

Department of Psychology, Boston College

Lab Director: Gorica D. Petrovich, PhD




We welcome Nico Sanchez '14 and Anna Whitham '15 to the lab as undergraduate volunteers.


Lab members Sara Keefer, Lauren Anderson, Sindy Cole, Christina Reppucci, and Heather Mayer joined other members of the Boston College Psychology Department on a visit to a local community center as part of Brain Awareness Week. Here, they taught pre-K to 5th graders about the brain through a variety of interactive hands-on activities.


Postdoctoral Fellow Sindy Cole recently had a Journal Club review "Recruitment of Multiple Pathways to Ventral Tegmental Area during Cocaine-Seeking Behavior" published in The Journal of Neuroscience.


We welcome Elizabeth Choi '14 & Grant Schum '14 to the lab as undergraduate volunteers.


Sindy Cole, Daniel Powell, and Gorica Petrovich have published a paper in the journal Learning & Memory called "Differential recruitment of distinct amygdalar nuclei across appetitive associative learning".

Undergraduate students Meghana Kuthyar '13 (left), Jordan Newmark '13 (center), and Jack Young '13 (right) presented posters about their research during the Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference.



Farewell wishes to Daniel Powell, who is leaving the lab to attend graduate school at Brandeis University.

Liz Choi '14, Grant Schum '14, and Anna Whitham '15 begin summer research positions thanks to funding provided by Boston College Undergraduate Research Fellowships.

Christina Reppucci, Meghana Kuthyar, and Gorica Petrovich have an article accepted for publication in the journal Appetite titled "Contextual fear cues inhibit eating in food-deprived male and female rats".


Sindy Cole presented a poster at the “Amygdala in Health & Disease" Gordon Research Conference held in Easton, MA.


We welcome Megan Ebner '16 and Marisa Marotta '15 to the lab as undergraduate volunteers.

Liz Choi '14 and Anna Whitham '15 receive funding from a Boston College Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

Gorica Petrovich, Lauren Anderson (left), and Sara Keefer (right) traveled to Austin, TX to attend the annual meeting of the Pavlovian Society. Lauren and Sara gave poster presentations, and Gorica organized the "Learning and Feeding" symposium and gave a talk on forebrain networks underlying the control of feeding by learned cues.


Gorica Petrovich has been selected for Fellow status in the Association for Psychological Sciences (APS). Fellow status is awarded to APS Members who have made sustained outstanding contributions to the science of psychology. The list of selected fellows is provided in the September issue of the APS Observer

November 2013

Multiple lab members traveled to San Diego, CA to attend Neuroscience 2013. The lab had a great presence at the meeting showing four posters of our most recent research, in addition to a symposium talk by Gorica Photos below: Sara Keefer (left), Lauren Anderson (center), Christina Reppucci (right).