Come along and choose one of my favorite educational sites...


Cool Math: Own your own lemonade stand! Start a business with a friend. Sharpen your math skills and explore some of the numerous games and puzzles that are offered.

For all those teachers and parents out there: Come along and check out this site that allows you to talk to other teachers and share advice on how to stay involved in your child's learning!

 Math Magic: Do you like magic? Come and explore how math and magic make a great pair! Get ready to use your great computer skills because every magician can learn to be a computer whiz!

Teacher's Place:This is the best resource for teachers. Not only is it made for teachers, but it is also built by teachers. It is your link to Dr. Math and many other options including: the problem of the week, teacher2teacher, ideas on community involvement, and special workshops! Check it out today!!

Math and Literature: Did you ever think of all the ways that math and literature can be used together? They are true natural allies! Choose a book from the book list. Read sample chapters and articles and discover the union between the two areas of life.

Sure Math: What is the best way to solve a math problem: Logical Problem Solving Skills, right? Well, come to this site and experience the process of solving all types of math problems.

Teachers: you may also benefit from this site's various lesson plans!


 The fun with math never ends! Keep exploring other sites!!!