Capital Markets
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Capital Markets

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Capital Markets
Ec 380.01
Fall, 2002

Texts: Bodie, Zvi, Kane, Alex, and Marcus, Alan. Essentials of Investment, 4th ed. 2001
Malkiel, Burton. A Random Walk Down Wall Street, 7th ed., 1999. Lynch, Peter. On Up on Wall Street, 1989.

Course Requirements and Grading: Two midterm exams (20% apiece), October 3 and November 7
An investment research report (20%), Part I due October 22 and the complete report on December 5)
A final exam (40%), on Thursday, December 20, at 9:00 a.m.)
Problem Sets in the first part of the course (optional but strongly encouraged) will be recorded for extra credit if done well.

Course Organization and Expectations: The course works best if pursued as a joint enterprise where the student contributes as much as the instructor. I expect to work hard at the course and I expect as much from you. This means coming to class, reading the assigned materials, working through the problem sets, and raising questions on material you find difficult or confusing. You will find me available outside of class, with sign-up times for appointments posted on my door, and you will find me more than willing to help if you are doing your share as well. I also expect you to read the financial pages of the newspaper, and to generate discussion on current topics as they develop.

You are encouraged to work together on the problem sets if you like, to discuss your investment briefs with each other, and to study together. Your work on exams is to be entirely your own, and on your investment report anything drawn from others or worked out in conjunction with others should be carefully cited. Be sure you are familiar with the sections on "Academic Integrity" in the undergraduate catalog (pp. 31, 39, and 279) and be aware that I take this most seriously.