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The Boston College Investment Club was founded in 1982 by William Doty, a junior Economics major
. The purpose of the club from its inception was for students to learn about investment by managing real money. Doty raised an initial $15,000 from people in the industry, money which was contributed to Boston College for management by the student club. An additional $81,000 has been contributed over the years, largely due to Bill's continued efforts and his own generosity since graduation.

Investments have been limited to common stocks and a money market fund. The first stocks purchased by the club, in fall 1983, were MCI and El Chico. We did well with MCI but not with El Chico. The portfolio currently (as of February 2004) has 27 stocks and some cash with a total market value of approximately $240,000. The largest holdings are Regis Corp., XM Satellite Radio, Sovereign Bank, and International House of Pancakes.

Students research stocks and bring recommendations to the meetings of the club, at which point students vote either to buy or sell or pursue further information. The club is divided into analyst teams covering different industries so as to systematically review the portfolio and come up with new ideas.

Harold Petersen has been the faculty advisor to the club from its inception. In 1984 Bill Doty was recognized at the spring awards banquet as Boston College's outstanding student leader and in 1988 Harold Petersen was recognized for his role as a faculty advisor.


Records of performance are kept on a total return basis, net of any trading costs, with new funds added to the portfolio treated as new shares purchased at net asset value as of the beginning of the month. Average annual returns over the past 12 months, past 5 years, and past 10 years, for the BCIC portfolio and for the S&P 500, are as follows:

Ave. Ann. Return
as of 2/29/04

Boston College
Investment Club

S&P 500

Past 12 months



Past 5 years



Past 10 years



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