Marketing the Arts

CT 238 01

CO 238 01


Spring Semester 2007


Dr. Howard Enoch                                                                               Spring Semester 2006

Robsham Theater Arts Center                                                                            Office Hours:

552-0918                                                                                                         M - F 9:30 - 4:00  (By appointment only)


TEXT:             Standing Room Only, Strategies for Marketing the Performing Arts, Philip Kotler and Joanne Scheff, Harvard Business School Press, 1997

Arts Marketing Insights, Joanne Scheff Bernstein, Jossey-Bass, 2007


CLASS:           The course will have a major focus on the practical application of the art and science of marketing the arts in today’s increasingly competitive economic environment.  Specifically, the course will investigate the following areas: Strategic Market Planning for the Performing Arts, Understanding the Performing Arts Market, Developing a Marketing Strategy, Formulating the Communication Strategy, and Managing the Organization. The semester project will be to collaborate with two or more people in the class to produce a Strategic Market Plan for a performing arts organization





                        1)                               Class attendance and participation (see note below)    


                        2)         Semester Project                                                                         33%
            (Strategic Market Plan for a performing arts organization)

3)         Midterm exam                                                                            33%

4)         Final Exam                                                                                  33%




PLEASE NOTE:         Attendance is required as a condition of successful completion this courses. After missing any class session, a student is responsible for finding out about assignments, due dates, announcements, handouts, and so forth that were covered during the missed session, and for making up any missed work. The student is also responsible for obtaining class notes from a classmate for the session, and for learning the material from that session for any relevant exams or quizzes.
                           The equivalent of 2 weeks of absences will reduce a student's course grade by one full letter grade. Absence from more than a combined total of 3 weeks of class meetings will result in automatic failure of the course. Since the course meets twice a week, six missed sessions will result in failure of the course. There are no exceptions to this rule.



Jan.          16        Introduction and discussion of course goals etc.

                   18        Arts Marketing Insights - Chapter 1

                   23        Standing Room Only – Chapter 2/ Group Assignments

                   25        Standing Room Only - Chapter 3 AND Arts Marketing Insights - Chapter 3

                  30        Standing Room Only – Chapter 4 AND Arts Marketing Insights - Chapter 2

Feb.             1        Arts Marketing Insights - Chapter 4/ Project Assignments

                    6        Arts Marketing Insights - Chapter 5

                    8        Catherine Ianno Fournier – guest

                   13        Standing Room Only – Chapter 5

                   15        Standing Room Only – Chapter 6 / Project Up-Dates

                  20        Standing Room Only – Chapter 7

                  22        Mid-term exam

                  27        Standing Room Only – Chapter 8

March         1        Standing Room Only – Chapter 9 AND Arts Marketing Insights - Chapter 6

                   13        Standing Room Only – Chapter 10 / Project Up-Dates

                   15        Standing Room Only – Chapter 11

                  20        Standing Room Only – Chapter 12 AND Arts Marketing Insights - Chapter 7

                  22        Standing Room Only – Chapter 16                           

                  27        Standing Room Only – Chapter 17

                  29        Standing Room Only – Chapter 13

April            3        Standing Room Only – Chapter 14            

                     5        Easter – no class

                10        Standing Room Only – Chapter 15             

                   12        Arts Marketing Insights - Chapter 8 & 9

                   17        Arts Marketing Insights - Chapter 10 & 11

                  19        Arts Marketing Insights - Chapter 12

              24      Final Project Presentations

              26      Final Project Presentations

May          1      Final Project Presentations

                3      Final Project Presentations


         FINAL EXAM (due in HE’s office)           Thu, May 10, 9:00 am