Producing the Performing Arts:
Concept to Completion

CT 230 01

CO 242 01


Fall Semester 2006


Dr. Howard Enoch                                                    Office Hours:       Monday thru

Robsham Theater Arts Center                                                                Friday from 9:30 - 4:00

552-0918                                                                                                  by appointment (I am                                                                                         generally in every day)



CLASS:           This course is designed to address the issues involved and the roles of key individuals involved in the operations and management of a performing arts production from the moment the idea for the production is conceived until the final performance.  The roles and functions of everyone involved in the creative process will be explored and defined.





                        1)                                                                                     Quiz grade average   20%


                        2)         Semester Project                                                                        25%

3)         Midterm exam                                                                           25%


                        4)         Final exam                                                                                  30%

            There will be a series of short quizzes that will test your reading and comprehension of the assigned material.  The quiz may also include information from current assignments.  In other words, in order to successfully complete the quiz, you must have read the assignment and done the homework associated with the assignment.  There will not be make-up quizzes.

                    All students in the course will participate in a class project that will simulate a company of individuals who are developing an artistic project for presentation.  The “company” will consist of any and all functional positions needed to accomplish the goal of a successful production.  As in any “start-up” company, individuals will “wear many hats” as the semester progressing as they “try out” the jobs necessary to make the company successful.
This requirement is the heart of the course.  The assignment will include a paper that should reflect a thorough understanding of the operations and management of the performing arts process as it relates to the information presented in the course.

            Attendance is required as a condition of successful completion this courses. After missing any class session, a student is responsible for finding out about assignments, due dates, announcements, handouts, and so forth that were covered during the missed session, and for making up any missed work. The student is also responsible for obtaining class notes from a classmate for the session, and for learning the material from that session for any relevant exams or quizzes.

The equivalent of 2 weeks of absences will reduce a student's course grade by one full letter grade. Absence from more than a combined total of 3 weeks of class meetings will result in automatic failure of the course. Since the course meets twice a week, six missed sessions will result in failure of the course, and a combined nine missed class sessions will result in automatic failure of the course. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Absences for any reason, including illness, personal crises, athletics or other extra-curricular activities are included in this total. If a student is involved in any activity that might require that student to miss three or more weeks of a particular course, then that student should not enroll in the course. Individual faculty members may add additional requirements or stipulations to this policy.




Sep.       5      Introduction
                     Assignment – idea for a project

                7      Class – present ideas – assign groups
            Discussion – chicken or egg?
            Assignment #1 – reading: (NFP vs. FP, Mission)

               12      Discussion – reading
            Assignment - write mission/goal/objective for semester project

               14      Class – discussion of mission/goal/objective for semester projects

                        Assignment #2 – reading: (The Organizational Design)

              19      Discussion – reading
            Assignment – design the company structure for the semester project

               21      Class – discuss design the company structure
            Assignment #3 – reading: (Theatre Organization)

              26      Discussion – reading

                        Assignment - organize the company for the semester project

              28      Class – discussion of organize the company for semester projects
            Assignment #4 – reading: (The Board)

Oct.          3      Discussion – reading
            Assignment – “right time/right place/right idea”?        

                5      Discussion - assignment

              10      Class – design the company flow chart for semester projects
            Assignment – write job descriptions for selected personnel

               12      Discussion - assignment

               17      MID-TERM EXAM (one question – “open book”)
            Assignment #5 – reading

              19      Discussion – “assignment #5”

                        Assignment #6 – reading (Leadership)

              24      Discussion – “Leadership”
            Assignment #7 – reading (Management and the Arts)

              26      Discussion – “Management and the Arts”
            Assignment #8 – reading (Strategic Planning) 

               31      Discussion – “Strategic Planning”

                        Assignment #9 – reading (Stage Manager)                   

Nov.         2      Discussion – “the Stage manager”
            Assignment #10 – reading (Financial Management)

                7      Discussion – “the Managing Director/Budget Manager”
            Assignment – develop a budget for the semester project

                9      Class – discuss the budgets for the projects
            Assignment – evaluate the budget

               14      Class – look at the reality: can we do this?
            Assignment #11 – reading (Fund Raising)

              16      Class - where does the money come from?
Assignment #12 – reading (Marketing)

         21      Discussion - reading                

        23      No Class - Thanksgiving

              28      Class – design a simple marketing plan
            Assignment #13 – reading (Assessment)

              30      Discussion – the steps in assessment

Dec.          5      Class – summery from 3 production teams

                7      Class – summery from 3 production teams


Final Exam – Due in HE’s office by the end of the day – Thursday, December 14