Topics: We'll cover topics including (but not limited to) smooth manifolds, $(G,X)$-structures, vector bundles, Lie groups, tangent spaces and the derivative map, the constant rank theorem, partitions of unity, the Whitney embedding theorem, orientation, vector fields and flows, exterior algebra, integration and differentiation of forms, and de Rham cohomology.

Exams: There will be one in-class midterm exam, date TBA. Friday, May 10 at 9am.

Homework: Each homework assignment will be graded as either 1 or 0, i.e.\ good effort or poor effort. Most of your grade will come from the exams. Typically, they will be assigned on Wed and due the following Wed. I will drop your lowest homework grade, so you can get one 0 for free.

Grading: 20% homework, 40% midterm, 40% final

Students with disabilities If you have a disability and would like accommodation in this course, please contact either
• Kathy Duggan, (617) 552-8093,, or
• Paulette Durrett, (617) 552-3470,
Kathy Duggan is at the Connors Family Learning Center and specializes in learning disabilities and ADHD, while Paulette Durrett is in the Disability Services Office and handles all other types of disabilities, including temporary disabilities. Their offices do require advance notice and documentation.

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