Topics: We will do selections from Abbott, culminating in a rigorous theory of derivation and integration. There will be material presented in class that does not come from the book, however, and I will hold you responsible for this as well.

Homework: With some possible exceptions, homework will be assigned every week on Wednesdays and will be due on the following Wednesday in class. Late homework will not be accepted, but I will omit your lowest homework grade from the final tabulation. You are strongly encouraged to collaborate on homework, but solution must be written up individually.

Midterms Exams: There will be two in-class midterms, dates TBD.

Final Exam: Monday, May 14 at 9AM.

Grading: 20% homework, 20% each midterm, 40% final

Academic integrity: The work you do on homework and on the exams is expected to be your own, although as mentioned above, collaborating with your classmates is encouraged on homework. Dishonest representation of the source of your solutions is taken very seriously, following BC’s policies.

Students with disabilities If you have a disability and would like accommodation in this course, please contact either
• Kathy Duggan, (617) 552-8093,, or
• Paulette Durrett, (617) 552-3470,
Kathy Duggan is at the Connors Family Learning Center and specializes in learning disabilities and ADHD, while Paulette Durrett is in the Disability Services Office and handles all other types of disabilities, including temporary disabilities. Their offices do require advance notice and documentation.

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